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  1. Demopan

    Let the Witch Doctor summon rains.

    It just makes sense, yo. Of course it would cost a fee, maybe like 3 gold? Along with this, you could have him summon other events like the Solar Eclipse or a Blood Moon, which would probably start the night/day after, contrary to the rain which would happen immediately. Of cost these would...
  2. Demopan

    The Pinball Machine

    Name is a placeholder. I have two versions of this weapon. The Pinball Machine: "You sure play it mean." Damage: 80 (subject to change) Firing Speed: 29 (Same as Jack 'o' Lantern Launcher) Velocity: 10 (Harpoon) And it uses boulders as ammo. They go on an arc like the grenade in the air...
  3. Demopan

    Describe your love life in a video game.

    Or a video game item. Or anything, I don't give a crap. I'm not sure if this is the right section, but I don't know where I should have put it if it is wrong.
  4. Demopan

    Casual things you listen to while doin' stuff?

    no, not just music. like podcasts or videos or something (although you could post music or whatever if you wanted to) I listen mostly to people like Northernlion's podcast or speedruns or Isaac runs and stuff. Pan Pizza's podcast is pretty cool too.
  5. Demopan

    PC Payday 2

    anyone wanna play some paydey 2 i'm level 10 and in the ghost tree
  6. Demopan

    PC Payday 2

    anyone wanna play some paydey 2 i'm level 10 and in the ghost tree
  7. Demopan

    The Magical Ninja Katana!

    The Magical Ninja Katana! (INSERT PICTURE OF YELLOW KATANA HERE) "Throw it around! It'll come back, promise." Damage: 40 Use Time: 21 (Keybrand Speed) Max Stack: 5 (Each TMNK! makes the use time increase by 10) Knockback: 2 No, this isn't a boomerang. Well, it kind of is? It's a special...
  8. Demopan

    The Staff Of Madness

    DISCLAIMER: Pretty much everything on this suggestion could change, because it's kind of OP. The Staff Of Madness (insert sprite of stick here) "On hit, it injects nightmares into the opponents head, giving them a random debuff." Damage: 50 (subject to change based on opinions) Firing Speed...
  9. Demopan

    Adventure Thread

    Hello children. Today we're going on an adventure. The first person (me) makes the situation, and the next post reacts to it, and then continues the story. You have a group of Adventurers, and you step in the cave. The entrance caves in one you step in. There is two skeletons in the cave, and...
  10. Demopan


    Anyone like the Fallout games? As you can see from my posts and profile, Fallout is my favorite game franchise and Fallout NV is my favorite video game of all time. Discuss.
  11. Demopan

    Party Hat

    I want a party hat in Terraria. This is what the party hat looks like. It is sold by party girl, for 20 gold. You wear it on your head. It's vanity, but it will give a 20% bonus to happiness, and will give you confetti whenever you hit a key. So confetti will be everywhere. Sprites by...
  12. Demopan

    Modern Cartoons

    A thread discussing most modern cartoons. By "Modern" I mean 2010's or shows that are still running from the 2000's. Let's keep it civil. Don't start flame wars, no #90skids or whatever. I've been liking Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gumball, Gravity Falls, plus Rick and Morty. I didn't...
  13. Demopan

    WIP Vehicle Mounts

    I noticed something about the mounts that are in the game at the moment; they'll all based more on early mode's more fantasy themed items rather than hard mode's futuristic items. So I purpose some mounts that would fit in that style. Helicopter "Please stop crashing into mountains, goddamn...
  14. Demopan

    PC Roleplaying

    Anyone else like to roleplay a character when playing Terraria? I did a few characters, the one I'm doing now is a Wasteland Cowboy character, so I use pistols and a Cutlass as a side arm, plus some other stuff that would be in a post war world.
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