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  1. LilStarla

    Which friend is the worst to play Terraria with?

    Don't call any names. For me it's the guy who is always lagging behind me in progress (I've got platinum sword, he still hasn't even made wooden armor) because he just won't play the game. At night, he stays in a house so he doesn't have to fight the zombies. Nevermind getting coin and items off...
  2. LilStarla

    tModLoaderFile structure?

    I've been modding Skyrim for a while now, so understanding file structure is no big deal to me. tModLoader, however, doesn't appear to be clear about how files must be structured in order for a mod to be successfully built. I made a simple glass sword mod last night, and it worked without any...
  3. LilStarla

    Guess the number of hours played by the user above you! (steam only)

    Exact numbers not necessary. Guesses within 10 are fine. Only the luckiest of the luckiest will be exactly correct! :dryadgrin: Rules: Steam friends who know each other's play time don't count. If your time is guessed correctly, quote the guesser. :dryadgrin:
  4. LilStarla

    Minimal internet speed for multiplayer?

    I've been playing with a friend and lately she's run into a 'slow-motion' issue. She sent me a video of her screen and sure enough the game was running in literal slow motion. She said it doesn't happen at all if she plays offline in single player, but whenever we play multiplayer, it starts...
  5. LilStarla

    Lightning during storms

    I've always thought the sound of thunder was a bit strange without any lightning flashes or sparks to come before it. How about adding flashes of light that would actually light surfaces and objects? Perhaps even dangerous lightning sparks that, if they were to strike the player (or enemies)...
  6. LilStarla

    Just a few things I've built...

    Just a few things I've built. Nothing too crazy :)
  7. LilStarla

    Um... hi...

    I'm really kinda shy... but... hello :D Builder, alchemist and butt kicker of bosses here XD
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