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  1. SussyBaka

    Moments where you were stupid.

    State the moments of your life where you did stupid stuff. You might be feeling insane.
  2. SussyBaka

    Weird spawning system and housing

    I don't have screenshots, but I'll try to explain. So I've recently started PC on Terraria. But I noticed some weird things. I punched a few walls in a house and it is still valid housing. But when I was building a jungle house, the bedroom didn't count as valid housing as the text said it was...
  3. SussyBaka

    Forum Friends

    So, this thread is about commenting your friends in this forum, and other people will say theirs. Simple as that. A:My friends are B and D. C:Mine are A and D. B:I really like C. And so forth. Be respectful and follow the rules of the TCF. Remember, don’t be upset when someone doesn’t...
  4. SussyBaka

    Serious How my depression story started.

    I think I‘ll start explaining why my depression really started. It was March 2020, I was in quarantine and my friend lived in the same apartment. He was my neighbour, and we were playing some Minecraft. I then got bored, and became interested in Terraria. For some reason he criticised me for...
  5. SussyBaka

    What passion do you have that people think is weird?

    I want to talk about your passions that people believe weird, awkward, or crazy. If it makes you happy and you constantly do it, it is a passion. My passion is literally staring into space. It helps me think I'm in my own world, and people find it weird. It is also because one of my only friends...
  6. SussyBaka

    Drawings & Paintings Zach's Art....Stuff.

    Non-Terraria arts, feel free to leave some feedback. I will be updating this thread whenever I make arts. Zach breaking the 4th wall.
  7. SussyBaka

    If you were to make any edits to any boss, what would it be?

    If you could make any edit to any boss, would you do it or what would it be?
  8. SussyBaka

    Single Thread RP The One Roleplay

    I'm going for another roleplay again, soooo.... Imagine if all became one. Imagine if everything had collided. Imagine...if everyone was in one spot. There is no story. Everything is one. Everyone, from every universe, came together. That's right: the multiverses are breaking apart and put into...
  9. SussyBaka

    Single Thread RP Non-Fictional Nightmares

    NOTE: This RP is PG 13. Expect to see flesh and gore. Wherever you were, you are now standing in front of a house. It's in the middle of the forest, and it seems to always be night. You walk in the house, which is empty. Little did you know your nightmares are about to come true.... There are 2...
  10. SussyBaka

    If you had two similar things, which would you prefer?

    If there were two similar things of your choice, which would you prefer? EXAMPLE: Apples and Oranges. 1:apples. 2: Phone or Tablet. 3:Tablet. AND SO ON
  11. SussyBaka

    Mobile I need some people to play with

    looking for people to play with, im really lonely In terraria
  12. SussyBaka

    Single Thread RP Time Travelers

    You were just doing something in your day, and then suddenly you feel unconcious! you wake up in Ancient Rome, and there is a strange machine next to you. It says: 60 AD! Template: name species age strengths weaknesses appearance abilities and equipment hex code character limit:4
  13. SussyBaka

    Ocean biome ideas

    I feel the ocean biome doesn't get much attention besides fishing. It's basically the edge of the world! Is that you thinking that? Well, here we can share some ideas about the ocean biome! (rip orca)
  14. SussyBaka

    Mobile how do I load my character files

    How do I load my character files? I want to use terrasavr on mobile
  15. SussyBaka

    Terraria Theories By Zach

    a place where I tell you my terraria theories.
  16. SussyBaka

    IC Virtualilty RP IC

    You are control bots sent to protect Virtualilty, the capital of the Cloud. Defeat viruses and set bases to take down the Major virus, Glitch. More story is covered in the OOC and please do not submit our bios here, do it in the OOC. link to the OOC:OOC - Virtualilty roleplay Time mechanic: you...
  17. SussyBaka

    OOC Virtualilty roleplay

    In the capital of the cloud, Virtualilty is doomed by the virus Glitch. Glitch has taken over the city, filling Virtualilty with viruses. You are the control bots sent by the Virus Control Center to take refuge in the capitol and kill all the viruses. Take down Glitch before it is too late; as...
  18. SussyBaka

    Mech bosses guide

    so what do you do when you fight mech bosses in hardmode? step 1: build an arena.4 platforms, each in the sky 7 blocks apart vertically should do the trick. these platforms should be at least 30 blocks long. as always, add some honey pools, campfires, rope if you don't have a hook, and heart...
  19. SussyBaka

    Joke making thread

    Lately ive been bored, why not makes some jokes together to get a good laugh
  20. SussyBaka

    Drawings & Paintings Zac's Art Thread

    Hey, I decided to open up an art thread. I will add art constantly and I hope you like them!:dryadgrin: I will edit this thread over time. be sure to check my art
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