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    PC Looking to Buy/Trade for: Stellar Tune, Toxikarp, Pulse Bow, Terrraprisma

    If anyone has one or all of these available for trade or sale, I'd be grateful.
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    PC In Need of: Golden Fishing Rod

    Need a Golden Fishing Rod, looking to trade for it or buy with platinum. Thanks!
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    PC Buying Weapons (NPC drops, Fishing items)

    Hey there. Looking to round out my collection of all the weapons in Terraria by tracking down these last few. Any help would be appreciated: can pay in Platinum or in trades. HARDMODE OTHER Stellar Tune (dropped by Empress of Light) GUNS Toxikarp (fished from Corruption) BOWS Pulse Bow...
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    PC Buying a Gold Door for 5 Platinum

    I'm looking to buy a Gold Door (the kind that drops during Pirate Invasions) and am willing to pay five platinum for it.
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    PC Buying Dungeon Biome Chest Keys

    Looking to buy biome keys to the dungeon chests. Have plenty of Corruption keys, but need more of all the others.
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    PC Buying Team Blocks

    I'm looking to buy at least 26 pieces (each) of the White and Yellow Team Blocks.
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    PC Buying a Dungeon Table (ACQUIRED)

    EDIT, UPDATE: No longer needed.
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    PC Looking for Xenon Moss (Ignore)

    I'm looking for around 30 (or at least two) pieces of xenon moss, the blue glowing kind. UPDATE: No longer needed.
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    PC (Master Mode) Looking for Moon Lord, Betsy, Empress of Light Shiny Relics - 50 Platinum each!

    If anyone plays on Expert or Master level, I'm also looking for the Treasure Bags dropped by the Moon Lord, Betsy the Dragon, and Empress of Light, as well as the golden hologram relics that you get for beating those three particular bosses on the Master level. Thanks!
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    PC Master Mode Relics

    I took a stab at playing Master Mode and collected most of the Relics that come from beating various bosses and mini-bosses, but a few are just beyond my reach. I'd like to pay for the relics for: King Slime Martian Saucer Betsy (Dragon from Old One's Army) Moon Lord
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    PC Expert Mode and Other Weapons

    There are some weapons that I think are available only from Hard, Expert or other non-standard modes. Specifically, I'm looking for Red’s Throw and Valkyrie Yoyo which come from Hardmode Treasure Bags and the Terragrim and Arkhalis weapons. I think they're available to non-3DS players.
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    PC Buying Paintings

    There's a few paintings, mostly Golfer and Angler rewards, I'm looking to buy. Golfer: The Rolling Greens, Study of a Ball at Rest, Fore!, The Duplicity of Reflections Traveling Merchant: The Season, Snowfellas Underground Treasure Rooms: Waldo
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    PC Looking for Angler Rewards or Fish Quest Items

    There are some Angler rewards I'm looking for, namely the Bottomless Water Bucket and the Pillagin' Me Pixels painting. Absent that, I'd like to stock up on the quest fish.
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    PC Looking for Terraprisma and Fish Weapons

    I'm looking to buy a Terraprimsa and some fish weapons, namely the Bladetongue (obtained from Crimson) and the Obsidian Swordfish (obtained from Lava).
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    PC Looking for Zapinators and Seargent U.S. Shield

    Looking to buy the Gray Zapinator, Orange Zapinator, and the Sergeant U.S. Shield (all from the Traveling Merchant).
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    PC 100 Platinum Coins for Doctor Bones Banner!

    I'm looking for one enemy banner for Doctor Bones (Doctor Bones) and am willing to pay up to one hundred (100) platinum coins.
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    PC Buying Paintings

    I'm looking to round out my collection of paintings and want to buy the ones I'm missing, organized below from where they're obtained from. The Golfer and Angler ones are available as quest rewards while the others just appear (or not) at random in certain places. I'm willing to pay for any or...
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    PC Looking for Rare Enemy Banners

    I'm looking to complete my set of enemy banners and just need three more to do so. I'm willing to pay 30 platinum each for any of the following three banners: Pinky slime, Doctor Bones, Blood Squid. Can discuss further in steam if interested. Thanks!
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