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  1. Beleif

    Poetry Slow Declipse (a Collection of Marvelous Poems)

    A lone armless figure trapped under an ancient wrath... a time traveler who couldn't achieve what he had gone back for... a magnificant democracy engulfed in flames... an open book with censored words... a search for God that led the seeker defeated by ignorance and darkness... a baby boy...
  2. Beleif

    Drawings & Paintings Beleif Beleives in the Beleif of Art

    V= Wow your work has really payed off. b= Never pick up a pencil again. Beleif can art, and he's somewhat decent at it. Why not check out my art? It is a fairly interesting collection of art. I have been arting since August 2015, so a lot of the earlier arts look a little odd. Anyways here is...
  3. Beleif

    Drawings & Paintings Beleif Learns to Draw!

    Hello Terrarians who happened to stumble across this thread because you have nothing better to do than look at art on the Terraria forums... Who isn't obsessed with their Terraria OCs? Anyone? Oh... well. I'm not much of an artist, but I've wanted to draw Isonomia here for a while now...
  4. Beleif

    Poetry Slow Declipse

    Hello members of TCF! I have decided after brief consideration that I should put my poetry on here! Enjoy! A Billion Stories: Book I, A Billion Stories: Book I, The Wreckage Part I A Billion Stories: Book I, The Wreckage Part II A Billion Stories: Book I, The Wreckage Part III I will be...
  5. Beleif

    The Phaneron

    First of all, I want to say thank :redspin: for camera mode. Secondly, here are some buildings in a world I like to call The Phaneron. I would appreciate any recommendations for what I should build and showcase here.
  6. Beleif

    Beleif's Mythical Pixel Art

    In the past couple of days, I have invested my time in creating pixel art of in-game sprites. Feedback would be greatly appreciated! I make all this art with legitimate materials, so I will most likely not be making large artwork. I am accepting requests! Rule: I will only accept sprites...
  7. Beleif

    Craftable Natural Walls

    You can make dirt into dirt walls, stone into stone walls, and obsidian brick into obsidian brick walls, so why can't you make ice walls, snow walls, mud walls, or hellstone brick walls? I propose the following recipes. Snow Wall: One makes four at a Mud Wall: One makes four at a...
  8. Beleif

    What does your hotbar look like?

    I'm curious about how you Terrarians organize your hotbars and such. Here's mine:
  9. Beleif

    The Dark Blue Solution: For Those Worried About Jungle Conversion

    "They should give the jungle resistance to corruption and crimson spread," they said. Protect it with mushrooms! The evil biomes cannot touch glowing mushroom biomes. Therefore using a Clentaminator to convert the threatened edges of the entire jungle (surface and underground) into mushroom...
  10. Beleif

    Cursed Saplings Don't Drop

    I have fought the final wave of the Pumpkin Moon multiple times and have obtained everything except Cursed Saplings. They're either extremely rare or just don't drop. I'm convinced that this is a bug since I have three chests filled with loot from the event.
  11. Beleif

    Painting Bug

    A new update was released to fix painting on Android, or rather, mostly fix it. Although it works, it created another problem. Observe for yourself: Stare at the violet chest below the one I am painting.
  12. Beleif

    Flying spear heads!

    The heads of spear traps, I have noticed, don't seem to know when to stop retracting. Because of this, they fly upwards until hitting a solid block and still have the ability to damage entities. This can be used as an exploit because spear traps are supposed to have a range limit while these...
  13. Beleif

    Lava Bats spawn in Meteorite areas.

    I was in a meteorite area in a Crimson biome on the surface and noticed the presence of Lava Bats. My world is in post-Plantera hardmode.
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