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  1. Haku

    PC 8-bit CPU

    I spent quite a while working on this huge 8-bit CPU, I tried to make it as powerful as I could. It has an 8-bit data bus, a 32-bit instruction bus, 32 bytes of data memory, and 1KB of program memory. It can handle a 1-tick clock so it has a max speed of 30 instructions per second, this halves...
  2. Haku

    PC Rubik's Cube (Showcase)

    I spent about 2 weeks designing and creating a Rubik's cube in Terraria. It uses 54, 4-directional shift register blocks. Each "block" has 6 segments, one for each colour. The wire bulbs are used to make the different colours. Current record is 45 minutes by Quicksilvur, who uploaded a video you...
  3. Haku

    PC Keyboard in Terraria!

    I made this keyboard a while ago, but it only had 3-4 character slots. I decided to come back to and improve it; now it is tile-able, and can have as many character slots as you like! Each slot can have any letter from A-Z, or it can be blank. It might not be the most efficient machine, but it...
  4. Haku

    River Whistle

    Very simple: Summons a rideable wyvern mount. I came up with this after my idea about the wyvern pearl, so thats why everything seems "wyvern-ish". It is a flying mount, very fast, with infinite flight... sounds amazing right? Heres the catch: it can fly in your control for 6 seconds, before...
  5. Haku

    Wyvern Pearl

    Rare drop from wyverns after golem has been defeated. 1 / 50 Wyvern Pearl Equipable Material Turns the holder into a wyvern whilst flying. (Gives minor improvements to speed and flight time). Combined with celestial shell to make "celestial oyster' at a tinkerer table. Its not too much of a...
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