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  1. jdesigns123430

    Switch frame drops when moving between biomes

    so far, this has happened to me when i go from underground ice to regular underground and vice versa. so far, the game works completely fine for me! this happens in handheld mode. (and i know about the item frame/test dummy glitch, so i'll be sure not to place any down until it's fixed)
  2. jdesigns123430

    Resolved [XBox One] Quick Select (D-Pad Hotbar) not saving when exiting and rejoining world

    I know it sounds a bit lazy considering you just have to remap your items again, but it gets a bit tedious from time to time.
  3. jdesigns123430

    Console HUD scale for current gen console versions?

    whenever i play on console with the game zoomed in, it feels like the HUD in-game is a bit small. maybe in a future update this could be an accessibility feature?
  4. jdesigns123430


    so i completed The Game, saw it from a post Cenx made. and when i completed it, i was face to face with THIS VERY VIDEO:
  5. jdesigns123430

    Pixel Art original potion sprites remade (even the super healing potion!) also taking requests :P

    so i got bored and decided to (re)make some potion sprites. i started off with healing potions, because theyre probably the most iconic potions in the entire game. these sprites resemble the classic/original textures, but remade by me, so they may look a little odd if your eyes can spot...
  6. jdesigns123430

    Mobile so THIS happened...

    so im exploring in my world (before hardmode) to find my lihzarhd temple, but i go to the entrance to see THIS. (btw, screenshot taken during hardmode, didnt think about screenshotting before then) also, i made a new world to find a perfectly normal jungle temple. and another question: i tried...
  7. jdesigns123430

    PC House + Farm + Mushroom Biome

    Hello everyone, I have a creation to show you that my friend made! :D Just take a look at the screenshot! Big creds to HeatZone324, an irl friend that recently got the game during the Steam Summer Sale :3 The player on the far right of the pic is HeatZone, and the other player is me :P
  8. jdesigns123430

    **REPORTED** Twins Icon Minimap bug

    when the minimap is open when your fighting the twins, spazmatism has retinaizer's second phase icon on the map, but spazmatisms second phase is the normal icon. same goes for retinaizer, but has his regular first phase icon but has spazmatisms first phase icon as retinaizers second phase...
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