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    Terraria State of the Game: December 2019

    I am excited and a little confused at this bit. Those cat/dog sprites look different than the ones we already have, does this mean we will be getting a pet overhaul?
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    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    Yeah, but it would be cool for something like that to be in a mod. And i get what you’re saying about speed. If its slow it would leave a trail but if it goes fast enough it could explode into spores, it would provide 2 kinds of attack with the switch if an accessory.
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    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    They could have different recipes. Depending on what they do, they could cost more Shroomite or musket balls/arrows But this might be more of something you would see in a mod
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    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    Maybe just like the armor, they could have different abilities. Three for bullets and three for arrows.
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    You Just Got 'Boned!'

    I alway wanted more drops from Skeletron, to this is great! I would suggest a different name for “bow marrow” as there is already the hardmode bow “marrow” dropped by skeleton archers. I still like the pun though.
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    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    Thats a good idea! Especially since mushroom spores phase through blocks. What would the arrows do then? Edit: They could split into smaller spores on impact or leave a trail of spores.
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    Make sure things like this don't happen in prehm.

    I feel ya bro. *chest statue flasbacks*
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    Potion Master NPC

    The player must have 1 potion or herb in inventory, as well as the witch doctor present.
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    Lunatic Cultist Master Mode Rework Idea

    I really like the reflect attack for solar. Its should look like the shield break animation for the pillars.
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    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    Yeah, i think that they should have some sort of penalty, like being slow or rarity.
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    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    Yes. For an endgame boss its just too easy. I hope they fix it.
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    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    Martian saucer is already kind of a joke though.
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    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    Ok, got it. Seeking arrows are a hard no, because of multi-shot bows
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    Luminite Brick Furniture Set

    What about furniture for each lunar fragment?
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    Wall cannons

    What if there was a cannon mount? Like you can ride it around and it consumes cannon balls and fires them.
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    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    True. Perhaps they are still effected by gravity and slower so you actually have to aim for them to lock on.
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    Potion Master NPC

    Why no have one with rotating stocks. It could sell one potion and one ingredients, refreshing every full moon. No rare potions though.
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    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    That would be a good idea. The arrows with life steal would be a good idea on paper but i agree it would be too powerful, maybe a regen buff instead. I still want seeker arrows tho.
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    Aurora event

    This event would be a completely peaceful event, and the happiness buff is granted to all players. Then rare items, mostly pillar fragments and stats would fall from the sky. I imagine this would look like the begging of Super Mario Galaxy, with all the star bits raining down. Treasure meteors...
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    A silly new pet

    Yes. Lets us have the severed head of terraria’s true lord.
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