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  1. noirscape

    More cultist vanity

    So at the moment we have pretty much five pieces of cultist vanity items: The Hood seems to be based of the Lunatic Devote's hood. The Robe is based of the one of the Lunatic Cultist's, only a little smaller. The Lunatic Cultist Mask is based of the Lunatic Cultist's mask. The Solar Hood isn't...
  2. noirscape

    Granite Elemental Light Pet

    I want to have a pet version of the Granite Elemental. It just looked so cool when it was teased and quickly became my favorite 1.3 enemy along with the Granite Golem. I was really disappointed when I learned that there wasn't a light pet version of this enemy, considering it's design and all...
  3. noirscape

    Story Diaries of the Creatures

    Introduction So this entire idea was based of the fact that one of the items in the PlotBin was to describe the day of a slime. It sounded like it was an interesting idea. When working it out though, I found out it would be better to make a diary version of it. That would allow me to describe...
  4. noirscape

    Short Story Lunatics of a cultist

    I posted this on my fanfiction account a few hours ago, but I also wanted to share it here. It's a story regarding the Lunatic Cultist and his reasoning for fighting you. Hope you enjoy it :D. Original publish link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11498716/1/Lunatics-of-a-cultist
  5. noirscape

    More Toilets

    To anyone who tought this was a joke, it's not. Currently there are several furniture sets that are based around a specific theme. These furniture sets contain every single decoration currently in the game. The one exception however is the toilet. The toilet only has one variant, the golden...
  6. noirscape

    tAPI Trigger a meteorite

    Hi, I just got into modding and I want to create an item that causes a meteorite to fall the same way after breaking a shadow orb (requirements etc.) How could I do that?
  7. noirscape

    Tool Terraria Portable (GOG.COM ONLY)

    THIS IS FOR GOG.COM ONLY PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE A MODERATOR OR A CONCERNED USER! This tool does not violate the rules about bypassing the Steam DRM, all this tool does is use the set command to change the save directory to the local data folder and then launch terraria.exe. Why doesn't this...
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