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  1. blazeykat

    Xbox One Wierd strips of map being revealed (and other map bugginess)

    Sorry for the low quality, but here are some pics. https://m.imgur.com/a/hJQPZXF I’m not even mentioning all the times i found sword shrines thanks to it.
  2. blazeykat

    Xbox One Wrong player getting banners and being praised in the banner message.

    Note that sometimes it’s only the message being wrong, and this doesn’t happen all the time.
  3. blazeykat

    Xbox One Damage numbers appearing in the wrong player in split screen.

    Eg. player 1 takes damage while off player 2’s screen, it shows the damage numbers on player 2’s screen as if he was taking damage.
  4. blazeykat

    Resolved [Xbox One] playing the wrong ocean music.

    It’s playing the old ocean theme instead of the one found in the soundtrack.
  5. blazeykat

    tModLoader NPC checklist mod?

    Im doing a modded pkaythrough and i constantly need to check wikis of several mods to see npc requirements. Are there any npc checklist mods. The boss checklist description mentions one, but i can’t find it.
  6. blazeykat

    Resolved can't sign in on ipad

    says "error during authentication, please try again"
  7. blazeykat

    TCF Suggestion Can you please make it some when we want to add a picture, we can also choose from our files.

    I have trouble with using it as links on ipad, so can you please change it
  8. blazeykat

    So these cat night light thingies.

    does anyone else have any of these, they’re so weird.
  9. blazeykat

    Forum idea: modded section for guides in TCF.

    For terraria mods like calamity or thorium.
  10. blazeykat

    Console Console tmodloader please?

    As terraria reaches around the end of it’s cycle, modding has become extremely popular in the community, although many console and mobile players are missing out on these features.
  11. blazeykat

    Steam wont load terraria

    Says it needs an update, gets eternally stuck at 100% but i can still launch it for some reason, but then this appears
  12. blazeykat

    Console Would a 1.3 console beta be a good idea?

    The update has been delayed for 2 years, maybe making a 1.3 beta would be a good idea
  13. blazeykat

    Console Not much console only players.

    Are you trying to kill console? I don't want this to sound rude, but PC is easier to program than console so it would be likely. Sorry if this sounded rude, it was an actual question, not an insult.
  14. blazeykat

    How do i get multiple signature links?

    It wont work, the other one will just unbind when i do it.
  15. blazeykat

    Boss idea: Underworld terror

    The underworld terror would be a hardmode worm boss that is damaged upon the attacking its crystals. Hitting it anywhere else heals him.
  16. blazeykat

    Give dye to painter to unlock that type of dye as paint

    So what im thinking is, say you got a bunch of useless dye from turning in strange plants. Instead of selling them, you could give them to the painter to unlock that kind of paint. There could also be bonus rewards on the way. 5 paints unlock: Paint mask. 10 paints unlock: Paint splatter dye...
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