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  1. Mikosovich

    Resolved A formal request for a site theme.

    Is it at all possible to implement a theme with the traditional XenForo Default style, but in a dark format? My eyes would be very appreciative.
  2. Mikosovich

    PC First micro-build. Go easy on me.

    Upon closer inspection, it would appear that I built this a little too symmetrically for my liking. I'm going to put it here anyways, but I was going for a fishing shack. God damn Zombies killed my Angler during the Blood Moon I built this during, so he isn't present. Anyone got any pointers...
  3. Mikosovich

    First Person Shooters

    I find myself inexplicably drawn to these particular games. The more murder, the better. I've been playing Doom lately, but a notable list of great FPS's are as follows: Doom series Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series Call of Duty: Black Ops III Singularity Killing Floor Unreal Tournament...
  4. Mikosovich

    Casual Pocket Dump Thread

  5. Mikosovich


  6. Mikosovich

    PC Natural Structures (Moved from TerrariaOnline)

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