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  1. Elemental Δ

    PC Want to Buy Fallen Stars

    I'm looking to buy a bunch of stars, because I don't have the patience to collect them. I'm open to offers, and am willing to make a trade. I only have access to pre-HM items, but I can provide expert drops for pre-HM bosses.
  2. Elemental Δ

    PC The Terra Games

    Hello, fellow Terrarians! I had an idea for a Hunger Games-like event to happen annually, I hope. The basic concept is simple: 12 players with brand new Hardcore characters are thrown in to a fresh normal mode large world to fight to the death. Last one standing is the victor, and may claim a...
  3. Elemental Δ

    Switch Looking for Fish Finder or parts.

    Hello, I'm looking for a Fish Finder or the items to make one. I can pay in most pre-mech boss materials, including Ichor and souls of light and night.
  4. Elemental Δ

    Casual Post ideas for games that you want to see made here!

    Ever wanted to make your own game, but don't have the necessary skills and tools? Here's a semi-solution! You post an idea(s), and I can compile some in to a game(with some work and more than a little time)! If they end up getting published, your forum name(s) will be in the game somewhere.
  5. Elemental Δ

    PC Want to buy Bloody Tears

    I would like to buy some Bloody Tears, and can provide money and/or items. I have at my disposal plenty of rare and hard to get items that I don't have a problem parting with.
  6. Elemental Δ

    PC Shop of Wonders(AKA Random items) Still open!

    I'm selling random items, will be updated every now and then with new items, or removing ones I don't have anymore. For now, here's the list: Unfortunately, the Terraprismas and SSSs are no longer available. However, I do have some other items for sale, and they're still pretty good. SIX Metal...
  7. Elemental Δ

    PC I have an extra Terraprisma...

    I have three mythical Terraprismas for sale. I'm open to offers!
  8. Elemental Δ

    PC Looking for fish finder or components

    I'm working towards cell phone and have the other three PDA parts, and I don't have the bait or patience to fish. I have more than enough platinum, and can trade most endgame items. I don't have any expert or master items, so those are out of the question, unfortunately.
  9. Elemental Δ

    PC Want to buy a set of titanium armor

    I need a set of titanium armor, preferably melee, for the Destroyer.
  10. Elemental Δ

    PC The Spawn Tower (My first large build of 1.4)

    This took... 4, 5 hours? I'm not sure, but it took a while. Also, the flamingo's name is Steve.
  11. Elemental Δ

    Other Art A request for YouTube art

    Hello! I have a YouTube channel, and need some art for it. If anyone here can help, I would appreciate it.
  12. Elemental Δ

    IC A Shift in Dimensions

    Ugh... My head... What happened? The last thing I remem-AAAUGH! Okay... THAT hurt... All I remember is the wormhole... then... what happened? I don't know what happened... Why don't I know? My head... It hurts to even think... Where am I?
  13. Elemental Δ

    OOC A Shift in Dimensions (OOC)

    The OOC for my new "Anything-you-want-to-be" RP. Two characters per person is the limit, because I don't want things to get too crazy. Please provide a few words, written in the color and/or font they will use, along with things like their appearance, preferred weapon, where they're from, etc...
  14. Elemental Δ

    Ask a gamer about stuff

    Yeah. Here we are. Ask away! Any question that is asked(except questions I deem too personal) will probably be answered. Multiple questions per person are allowed, and my OCs are available for questioning now.
  15. Elemental Δ

    PC Hello!

    My name is The Elemental Gamer, and I have been playing terraria for several years. I also enjoy Minecraft, Undertale(and fangames), as well as some others. I like coding as well, and am welcome to advice, constructive criticism, or anything of the sort. I am currently modding minecraft and...
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