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  1. Sciffles

    IC Galactic Collapse

    Everyone wakes up in some sort of field, with flowers which look like Stars... The sky is bright, so they see nothing except bright light above them...
  2. Sciffles

    OOC Galactic Collapse OOC

    Hello, mortal beings! I am Syntiser, the Destroyer of galaxies! And now I will destroy yours! This is the Galactic Collapse RP! This is a RP where you have to defeat the evil Syntiser and save your galaxy! Along the way, you make friends, uncover hidden stories, and defeat bosses! Anyways...
  3. Sciffles

    Drawings & Paintings My Art!

    Here is my art, some are hand drawn and some aren't. Star Savior! Before I started using Medibang Pro. And more are gonna come soon!
  4. Sciffles

    Resolved [Mobile] Can you make a Map on mobile?

    I just wanted to know if you can make an adventure map on mobile and then upload it to Curseforge or some other website.
  5. Sciffles

    Resolved [Mobile] Maps titles are red?

    I downloaded some maps that do work for mobile 1.3 and when I put them on my worlds folder and launched Terraria, the world title was red! I can’t access the worlds. What is happening?
  6. Sciffles

    Name Change.

    Hello There! My name is Sky_Dragon! I am not new, I had a name change so I just wanted to let everyone know. My old username was Peguino if you are wondering. Anyways thats it.
  7. Sciffles

    How did you ‘discover’ Terraria?

    I discovered Terraria when my friend told me about it. As soon I looked it up I immediately feel in love with it! But sadly he told me to get it on mobile and that was before 1.3 mobile;( But I still love it!:happy:
  8. Sciffles

    What events do you want in Terraria?

    I want to know any ideas for events just to see how the forum thinks. One idea is a Skeleton Army which has every single type of skeleton. It is a Hardmode event. Anyways that’s my idea.
  9. Sciffles


    i got it.
  10. Sciffles

    Resolved [Mobile] Is it possible to do Duke Fishron on Expert Mobile?

    I just want to know if Duke Fishron can be beaten in Expert Mobile.
  11. Sciffles

    Mobile Hello Terraria!

    Hello everyone on the Terraria Forums! My name is Sky_Dragon. My Favorite color is blue. My favorite thing about Terraria is it’s quality and quantity. I play Terraria Mobile. See you around!:happy: I recently had a name change.
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