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  1. HYL14NCR45T

    PC The Hyper-Cross Spear | Spear Combination | Rarity 8

    Well, this would be a thing. Do you ever think there should be a better spear? With a really cool ability? Well, this would be the strongest spear in the game. The Crafting Recipe: 1 Dark Lance, 1 Obsidian Swordfish, 1 North Pole, 15 Ectoplasm, 5 Souls of Might, Sight and Fright. Craft at the...
  2. HYL14NCR45T

    PC The Sandstorm Boomerang | The Water Spear | New Biome Chests

    Well, this would be frustrating. Can someone make some sprites for me? Anyway, this is my suggestion for a Sandstorm Boomerang, an End-Game Boomerang, made for PvE. THE SANDSTORM BOOMERANG Description - A boomerang that makes a mini-sandstorm behind it which inflicts extra damage to the...
  3. HYL14NCR45T

    Hello, I forgot to introduce myself.

    Hello everyone, I realized that I did not introduce myself yet, so I should do it now. I am very late... Well, for starters, I play on a server called Aurora Terraria, I enjoy building buildings. I also really like videogames, and I am a Nintendo gamer. My first name is Jason, and my favorite...
  4. HYL14NCR45T

    PC The HylianCraft's Builder Thread

    This is my thread where show my buildings. I want you, the community, to say if my builds are good, bad, etc.
  5. HYL14NCR45T

    Mobile This is getting boring... | What do I do after Golem and Ocram?

    Hello everyone, the HylianCraft needs some suggestions. You see, before the 1.2. update, I had an OP character ( thanks to the duplication glitch ). I killed Ocram, I duplicated the Souls of Blight, and I got the Tizona, Tonbogiri, Dragon Armor, and some other stuff. I defeated Plantera very...
  6. HYL14NCR45T

    Your Favorite End-Game Ranged Weapons

    S.D.M.G. Nuff said.... Anyway, for those of you who can't get the S.D.M.G., my favorite gun can't be decided, so I'll make one for each kind of gun. BULLET DAMAGE: CHAIN GUN - Because, why the hell not? I mean, just add in some Chlorophyte Bullets for PvE, or some Venom Bullets for PvP, then...
  7. HYL14NCR45T

    Rocket Booster | New Mount | End-Game Mount

    So, I'm basing this thing off of the Villager's side special from Super Smash Bros. 4. Where the villager rides a rocket until he/she wants to stop. Anyway, the way this is obtained is, I guess for now, the Tactical Skeleton? I don't know, really. Maybe you should suggest a mob that's fitting...
  8. HYL14NCR45T

    PC The Mana Diamond = Mana Flower Upgrade

    I think the Mana Flower is OP. I have a way to make it more OP. Put a Mana Flower, a Celestial Emblem and a Sorcerer Emblem, it would make, an endgame item, a Mana Diamond. The other classes have everything-is-put-together equipment (Sniper Scope, Fire Gauntlet), so Wynaut a Mage One? Crafting...
  9. HYL14NCR45T

    PC Hey Guys, whatcha think of my builds =)

    Hey guys, what do you think of my builds on Terraria? I made them on a server, where I won't mention the name, but, people think on that server that they are... Lets say... Sorta Cool. GAH LI I have a Lot... I'm only showing you my best though... were made on my Single Player World, HylianCraft.
  10. HYL14NCR45T

    Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

    Everyone loves the Vanity Slot :dryadgrin:. But sometimes, we make our own vanities with dyes, armors and existing vanities. So SHOW US, the Terraria Community, your own Vanity Sets. Mine First :dryadcool: Tactical Ranger SWAT Helmet w/ black dye Hero's Shirt w/ black dye Tuxedo Pants w/ black...
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