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  1. NooblordDennis

    More useful Throphies

    So trophies don't really serve a purpose in the game except being a cool thing to collect.So my idea is to implement a sort of Banner system.If the boss is in the vicinity of the throphie we have a bonus to him!Simple solution!
  2. NooblordDennis

    New to spriting.Looking for requests!

    Hello there people of the interwebz.I am pretty new to spriting and I want to practice it!Soo I decided to open up this thread for requests.The sprites so far: Some warnings: I don't do big sprites so stick to small stuff like weapons n stuff It might take a long time since I am a...
  3. NooblordDennis

    Rename Characters

    Simple.I have always wanted to rename my characters in Terraria but I don't think there is a option to do that. Similar threads I support: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/the-fake-id.14851/ http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/renaming-and-organising.8615/#post-245821
  4. NooblordDennis

    PC Free Crimson, Jungle and 2xHallowed keys!

    I have some keys laying around and am ready to give them away!
  5. NooblordDennis

    PC Searching for Nazar

    I am looking to buy a Nazar I will pretty much give you everything you want
  6. NooblordDennis

    Need help for a Portal map

    So I wanna make a portal map and I need help.So what better place to go than the forums!Surely there will be someone to help me.I live in Bulgaria so that means we will have some time zone issues but I can get over that.You probably ask: But why don't you do it alone? Well I don't have much...
  7. NooblordDennis

    Some Portal Gun suggestions

    The Portal Gun is amazing but it has its flaws.I suggest if you want to get rid of your portals you click the scrollwheel.And please for the love of Moonlord make it so that when you click on items-beds/chests/doors DO NOT fire a portal. These additions would make me and many map creators happy!
  8. NooblordDennis

    DJ Booth

    You know that one music teaser for 1.3 It was pretty cool.A Dj Booth was seen with a "player" behind it.Picture: So my suggestion is to add this booth to the game.It could be made with all the music boxes combined at a tinkerers workshop.When you place it you would be able to choose from all...
  9. NooblordDennis

    Search option for nearby chests

    Have you ever wondered where you put that one item you want but you can't see it?Well I recommend to add a little search option when you place ESC(only works when there are chests nearby).Do you Agree?
  10. NooblordDennis

    Wyvern fan art

    Nothing really to add here.I went out of my comfort zone and drew in a different style.I hope you guys like it ^^
  11. NooblordDennis

    Merry Christmas!Christmas style house!

    Day shot: Night shot: Happy Holidays dudes :)
  12. NooblordDennis

    Surgeon NPC and more

    <--- Surgeon NPC sprite Names: Bob, Joe, Todd, Edwin and more!Post suggestions bellow! Need to spawn: Must have full 400 HP and have the Nurse NPC Use: The surgeon will sell the "Surgical table".It will be the proportions of a Bathtub.Once you are near it you can click it and like the...
  13. NooblordDennis

    My haunted house

    Hello guys.This is a haunted/halloween house I made for the contest.I just wanted to see what you guys think about it: Day shot: Night shot: Wish you all luck!Peace
  14. NooblordDennis

    Hello guys my name is Dennis!

    I just realized I didn't introduce myself :O I am Dennis from Bulgaria I like video games and pie.That's about it.I am curious about you.YES you!What is your name?Where are you from?
  15. NooblordDennis

    What does your character look like?

    Mine looks like this Vanity slots: Goggles Steampunk shirt Treasure hunter pants(dyed black) Jetpack What does your character look like?
  16. NooblordDennis

    What does your house look like?

    My house looks like this.There is a lever that shows all the armors I have collected.I am finishing the other rooms yet so it is a work in progress.
  17. NooblordDennis

    The Twins artwork

    TheTwins:First encounter So this is my first try at digital drawing so...yeah.Feel free to tell me what I need to improve on, what you hate in it, what you love in it etc.I made the image kinda pixaleted because I didn't want to do an HD drawing and because I wanted to stick to that Terraria...
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