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  1. tmonster2002

    PC C.V. Radio: Communicate with those of different species!

    C.V. Radio: Used to summon the Martian Invasion! Don't you hate it when you accidentally explode those elusive Martian Probes? Well, now it's not a worry because they'll drop what you need to summon the Martians! Recipe: 5 Lead Bar 5 Electric Circuits (the probe drops 1-5 of these.) 3 Cogs...
  2. tmonster2002

    Mechamind, the Artificial Intellegence

    Hardmode Version of Brain of Cthulu (Normal/Expert) This is it's own standalone boss. Stats: HP: 53000/64500 Defense: 20 Knockback Resist: 50% Ichor Fountain Damage: 60/108; Ichor Debuff Chance: 25%/50% Laser Shotgun Damage: 110/200 Contact/Melee Damage: 100/200 A.I.: Teleports around the...
  3. tmonster2002

    PC Toilet Plunger

    Toilets- a source for Terrarian humour. So lets make a pet out of it. Toilet Plunger Summons a Plumber Pet "Y'know, IN THE BATHROOM!" Dropped by World Eaters (and it's crimson counterpart) at a 1% chance. When the Mario or Luigi-lookalike plumbers need to fly, they get capes. And that is...
  4. tmonster2002

    The Skeleton Key

    "Opens all locks... for a price..." The skeleton key is, as implied by the flavor text above, can unlock anything you come across, for 100 hp per use. TO CRAFT 50 souls of might, sight, and fright bone key golden key shadow key temple key hallowed key crimson key corruption key snow key jungle...
  5. tmonster2002

    PC Looking for a sandstorm in a bottle.

    I will accept any and all sandstorm-in-a-bottle. 10 gold is my buying limit. RNJeebus screwed me over in my amount of pyramids. I'm in-game when i'm online here
  6. tmonster2002

    Looker Potion

    This is a potion that will pair well with spelunker potion. It allows you to see the block you have your cursor on. Requires: Lens, Water Bottle, Moonglow, Blinkroot
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