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  1. Mr. Mastodon Farm

    Meteorite and Hellstone ore/bricks should inflict "On Fire!" de-buff to vulnerable enemies

    I was just mining some meteorite and thought it was odd that the zombie walking on it didn't burn. I understand it could be imbalanced giving a trap block with easily accessible immunity to the player early, but by that time the player likely has the capability to gather lava as well, so it's...
  2. Mr. Mastodon Farm

    Dungeon furniture (lanterns, shelves, etc.) should be craftable in ecto mist

    title says it all, but I'll go into it. basically, despite it being a large map, and thouroughly scouring the dungeon I was rather dismayed to find that I only had 24/25 metal shelves in my journey world. I really like the aesthetics of the different lanterns and shelves you can find in the...
  3. Mr. Mastodon Farm

    PC Bug or feature? You decide!

    I recently found out that you can get (some) free movement by attatching two static hooks at once Normally this isn't possible since it only shoots one hook at a time, but if you attach one static hook, then switch to any hook that allows multiple hooks at once (fish hook for example)...
  4. Mr. Mastodon Farm

    Pixel Art Mr. Mastadon's Pixel art

    hi there! I do a bit of pixel art here and there. I'm a bit lazy, and tend to procrastinate, but I'd appreciate some requests just to give me some ideas and stuff. :) Here's a few samples of my work. Most of these are pretty old, but this one is new-ish: also, I've never done...
  5. Mr. Mastodon Farm

    Various thoughts/suggestions

    just a few thoughts I had. I personally really like the sprite for the bundle of rope, and would like to be able to place it as furniture (as well as the cloth and web variants). I also think it'd be nice to have other uses for rope, chain, web rope, etc. for decorational purposes, but honestly...
  6. Mr. Mastodon Farm


    Hi. just joined the forum, but I've got like 1000+ hours on the game. I'm pretty bad at it though, tbh.... I like to build small houses in terraria. I think they look nice, but they're nothing spectacular. I also do some pixel art, but I'm not great... on top of that, I have the WORST...
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