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  1. SamIsFab

    Don't you just love the Community?

    This is a great place to be, to chill, and to have fun! Just wanted to let you all know that the Terraria Community Forums wouldn't of made it without you guys! Coming from a player like me, doesn't mean i can't give my thanks, didn't know where-else to put this thread, so i just posted it...
  2. SamIsFab


    Not to be minecraft re-lated or anything, but bedrock, an singular ore you cannot mine. The ore under hell. It would be more significant, wouldn't mind this. Have a nice day!:confused:
  3. SamIsFab

    Achievements information *HELP*

    Well i was wondering if anyone could direct me to the achievements list, i can't find them, as in "achievements" i mean the TCF icons for your name. I have tried to look for an image to show you what i'm on about, but i can't, oh well. Or i could try tell it to you like this - "Terrarian"...
  4. SamIsFab

    Moon lord HP decrease

    Okay, so i was fighting the Moon lord and pillars in expert mode, i'm sorry, but i'm not invincible. Can there be a debuff or something? The moon lord altogether has about 300,000 health. Including the shields, and hand closing.. Please make a change to this. Thanks! :)
  5. SamIsFab

    How to setup a tShock server.

    tShock Server setup! Click here for the download. Alrighty, first of download the latest tShock released update for Terraria. Then go to your files and click on downloads, then find the file you downloaded of the tShock website. Extract it, doesn't matter where you extract, just extract. You...
  6. SamIsFab

    Looking for a job as a Communicator *READ*

    Hello, I'm Sam. And I specialize in communicating in understanding and helping in the social environment of Terraria Servers. I'm looking for a job on a server which is around about popular (Known Server). (RP)(PVP)(PVB)(BUILD)(Socialise) Etc... If you want me I'd love it! Contact me via Skype...
  7. SamIsFab

    About my Terraria experiences

    Good Afternoon to you all! I'm recently new to the terraria forums, if there is anything I need to know about the forums, id love to know. I've played terraria for a long time, I'm new to it on PC and a old player from the console version PlayStation 3. I...
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