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    PC Solar Eclipse Fishing

    I think Blood Moon fishing is pretty interesting but I was thinking that it's a mechanic with a lot of potential and yet it isn't really used anywhere else in the game. The first thing that came to my mind is being able to do it during the Solar Eclipse, since it's essentially the hardmode...
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    Make Blood Moon Music Override All Other Surface Music

    Right now, if you go into snow biome, space biome, etc. it just plays the normal music for that biome, even during the blood moon. The title says everything else.
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    Pet Speed Buff

    Okay, so I have some pets and they are very nice. I like having them floating there next to me. My only problem is that as you get farther into the game, early pets (such as the Zephyr Fish) cannot keep up with you. Can they please have a speed buff so that they don't get left behind?
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    Placeable Treasure Bags

    The title basically says everything. I have way too many treasure bags and I have all the items I can get from them, so I want to be able to place them like crates. I'd imagine they would be 2x2 blocks. That's about it.
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    Make Harder To Reach Criteria For The Pirate Invasion

    Today, I just started Hardmode, and went to what you usually do very quickly after beginning Hardmode. I broke a Demon Altar, and near instantly, a Pirate Invasion begun. I only had Molten Armor, and had no weapons or accessories from Hardmode. Sure, I could box myself in and use the Imp Staff...
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    PC Lava Lamp Placement

    I just tried to place a lava lamp on a table. Apparently, you can't place lava lamps on tables. My suggestion is to make it so you can put lava lamps on tables. That's basically it.
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    What is the Pattern for the Monoliths?

    I'm placing the monoliths down, right now (I'm trying to make the Stardust monolith will work and the other ones just be there because I like their animation) I have no idea how to make the Stardust one work while the others just do nothing. Multiple times, it has worked out where the Solar...
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    PC Nerf Mana Nebulas

    You've defeated Moon Lord, and you finally have the Nebula Armor which you have wanted for a while now. You put it on, then use the Last Prism. You go off to fight the Celestial event again to see how rekt everything is, and while fighting the Stardust Pillar(Or really, any of them, I've been...
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    PC Baby Duke Fishron Eats Goldfish

    The Baby Duke Fishron you get from Expert Mode Duke is incredible. I love it with all of my heart. I only have one suggestion. Make it so that when the Baby Duke Fishron flies by or swims by goldfish, it does a little animation where he eats it and the Goldfish disappears. That's pretty much it.
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    PC The Cell Shield

    Basically, just add in the ability to combine the Cell Phone and Ankh Shield. This would create the Cell Shield. It would pretty much do everything the Ankh Shield does and the Cell Phone does. When you press C, it would teleport you home. (C for Cell Shield, and it's just a quick reach up from...
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    Cooked Marshmallow

    Did anyone else know you could make these? They aren't on the wiki. To get them, you take a marshmallow on a stick and stand with the marshmallow over the fire for a while and it becomes a cooked marshmallow. It gives you well fed for 10 minutes.
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    What phobias do you have?

    Just a thread about what phobias you have, whether clinically proven or not. I almost definitely have thalassophobia: the fear of the ocean or concepts associated with it (no land around you or interacting with sea creatures) I definitely have entomophobia: the fear of insects Though I'm totally...
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    I May Have Just Made an Incredible Discovery About Shroomite Equipment

    Okay. Look at Shroomite Armor (specifically with the mask). I think it may be a reference to the predator movies. The three eyes thing, you can turn invisible, and the armor is generally very futuristic. Also, the Shroomite Digging Claws look very similar to the predator's claw thingies. Am I...
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    Serious Things just went down outside my house!

    THINGS JUST WENT DOWN. So I was just sitting around when I noticed that there was a ton of police outside my house. Apparently, some guy that committed a felony was being chased by the cops. He was also armed. AKA guns. He eventually drove to my apartment building and came to a dead end, so he...
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    Adventures on the Sea!

    I was looking at Optimus Andrew’s thread to add boats, and I realized that I wanted to make my own expanded version of it. The boat would be used to travel to different islands, whether they be randomly generated or not. The boat would be crafted using 30 wood at a workbench. When you go to...
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    Cactus Axe and Hammer (Sprites)

    I was just playing Terraria and realized that you couldn't make a cactus axe and hammer. I realized when I noticed that I had a cactus sword and cactus pickaxe but the axe didn't fit in. I went to the Guide and it turns out you can't make a cactus axe or hammer. This doesn't really matter much...
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    Guide Runs When Voodoo Doll is Equipped

    The title says pretty much everything. If you have the Guide Voodoo Doll equipped, the Guide will run away from you. If you have the Clothier Voodoo Doll equipped, the Clothier will run away from you. I got this idea from the thread that suggested a massacre chainsaw and sawblade weapons. Thank...
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    Console Pikmin!

    This is a thread for people to discuss Pikmin! Yay! Edit: Considering that nobody has said anything, I'll start a discussion. Has anybody else realized how much creepypasta material is in this series of games? Edit2: Considering how people have not said a single thing, I'm going to assume that...
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    Game Theory's Videos

    So has anybody watched Game Theory's new video about the lore of the FNAF games? Honestly, right now I am creeped out.:eek:
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    The Hardmode Challenge!

    This is a challenge which I didn't make up. Basically, get a hardmode character, go and kill the WOF, then make a new character and put him in the new hardmode world. I've gone with Softcore. Anyway, I've been doing this all day. Honestly, pearlwood is the greatest. It's as strong as iron, and...
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