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  1. SentinelNR

    Resolved Zoologist doesn't spawn, even thought Bestiary is at 30%

    Hey so, I've been playing with the update for about a week now, and the Zoologist won't spawn! I have plenty of houses available, one or two in almost every biome, and my bestiary is at 31.15% (She's supposed to spawn at 10% already). I'm playing on Journey Mode, and am aware that freezing...
  2. SentinelNR

    Working as Designed Main Menu Screen Title Glitch

    So, ever since 1.4's release and even as of today I've noticed a little graphical glitch concerning the game's main menu screen: the game title, whose look had been updated to be more detailed and colorful, reverts back to its old, flatter looking self when interacting with the sun/moon on the...
  3. SentinelNR

    One-way teleporter...

    So, I've made a couple of teleporters to link the dungeon and my base. Unluckily, only the teleporter close to the dungeon seems to work, which is pretty useless, since at that point I could just use my magic mirror. Any help?
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