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    Quick Stacking to piggy bank deletes coins

    It happens when there are enough gold coins already in the piggy bank and you quick stack enough gold coins to "roll over" to a platinum, except a platinum coin isn't generated.
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    Metal Grates should allow projectiles to pass through.

    Not really much to say here other than it seems to make sense and it would work a lot better than hammering a vertical line of blocks into slabs. It would give the player more options to build defensively. Keeping monsters at bay while you pick them off, build portcullises! In adventure maps...
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    Changes to early game

    The first few days you spend in the world, I find, are the most interesting. This is when things are at the most simple. Your challenges consist of high drops, deep water, slimes and other low level mobs; you have next to nothing to help you, no grappling hooks, lucky horseshoes or effective...
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    Changes to Mediumcore (death penalty, 1-up lives)

    Mediumcore, though designed to be riskier and more exciting than going softcore, tends to fall through and reveals itself as merely a severe inconvenience. It is true that you take risks more seriously on mediumcore, but what happens when your luck runs out? You drop all your items and you lose...
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