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  1. Lion8cake

    tModLoader All Npc's Crash my game with no crash log

    I need major help with this I have been adding and fixing things to my mod and now every npc that touches me crashes my game giving no crashlog. Critter npcs that deal no damage don't crash my game. Does anyone know what Might be causing this? -Lion8cake
  2. Lion8cake

    tModLoader I need someone to help me with biome generation and NPC AI -Confection REBAKED

    Greetings I am currently working on the Confection Rebaked and I cannot finish this mod alone. I need some help from person/people with Biome generation and more complex NPC AI. The Confection is an alt to the Hallowed so the world gen would need to replace the hallowed (preferably only in...
  3. Lion8cake

    Terraria Extra (A Terraria Mod)

    Welcome to Terraria Extra A new content mod created by Lion8cake This mod adds several items, Bosses, NPCs and more. Terraria Extra 1.0 Trailer It is now on the mod browser for many people to enjoy. This mod adds 142 Items 12 NPCs 35 Tiles 2 Walls 9 Buffs 4 bosses 1 post moonlord boss If...
  4. Lion8cake

    I need some help with making a modded music box

    Im trying to create my own music box for my mod but I cant seem to get the code right. I got the code to work but it wouldn't play any music Can someone help me thx -Lion8cake
  5. Lion8cake

    Terraria Zenith

    Hello The Terraria Zenith mod was a stupid idea that came to life I created the zenith mod after I discovered that the zenith was a boomerang:eek: so after a day or two of modding I completed it and now you will have the zenith in current Tmodloader !Warning! 1. The mod will be discontinued...
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