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  1. Neintales

    3DS What is the 3DS Version of Terraria?

    Both bosses are in the 3ds version, think of it as a mobile console because that's what it essentially is ;)
  2. Neintales

    Xbox 360 Pumpkin Moon Question

    Final wave ends when the nights over and also on the final wave it's guranteed trophys for every boss on top of a high chance or guranteed drop that's not a trophy My arena I tend to end the night with 90+ pumpking trophys minimum
  3. Neintales

    Xbox One A good way to defeat Duke Fishron...

    Make a sky bridge to run on while running and gunning, very simple and works great! Plus stops meteorites from possibly landing on your buildings
  4. Neintales

    Console Anyone else noticed this?

    It's a known bug for a while, a few vids on YouTube explain how it works if I recall. Can't remember how it happens offhand
  5. Neintales

    Console Console Update Timing

    I understand delays, but I wish you guys could update us with news earlier then the last possible day of the drop. Like let us know something is going as planned or to let us know to expect delays etc
  6. Neintales

    Console What is the next big update

    "We will get the rest of the 1.2.4 content out to you as soon as we can, still working on it! Hang in there" posted 17 hr ago on twitter, hopefully it's either finishing touches, or at least an update on a time frame. I can wait for this update but as with many others, being updated on the...
  7. Neintales

    Console is this big enough?

    Happydays has a great moon arena build to show you the restrictions on the spawns, I've only been able to get to wave 18 solo tho. Darn those ice queen not sitting still
  8. Neintales

    PS Vita What mob banners are there on the Vita? or not?

    General the trio super hero, waldo, and shark statue are in the game just to clear that section
  9. Neintales

    Console What is the next big update

    At least console will finally be able to do a proper summoner run when the update drops (:
  10. Neintales

    Xbox 360 looking for shark statue and reindeer mount

    I found both, send me a message on the 360 Gt, HXC Misfit HXC
  11. Neintales

    PS Vita What mob banners are there on the Vita? or not?

    Would love to find a list specific to console banners, wiki is kinda unclear which are console, and which are not XD Edit:Correction very time consuming process to compile a list
  12. Neintales

    Xbox 360 item list

    Been trying to find a list of the banners on console, only been able to find a list containing a list of EVERY banner and not the ones only obtainable on console. Would appreciate a complete list if anyone has one or a link
  13. Neintales

    Xbox 360 Almost every item shop for free!

    GT, HXC Misfit HXC Looking for banners and pictures
  14. Neintales

    Xbox 360 looking for a few things

    Shark statue, reindeer bells, misc banners and pictures Send me a msg GT is HXC Misfit HXC
  15. Neintales

    Xbox 360 looking for shark statue and reindeer mount

    Gt is HXC Misfit HXC Have no luck finding either , wouldn't mind farming frost moon with people for the mount tho
  16. Neintales

    Official Console and Mobile updates ETA

    Hate that they don't have a set date but that adds to the anticipation of looking forward to it. Can't wait for weapon racks as well, can finally complete my armory then (placed pumpking trophies in place of where they will go to prepair)
  17. Neintales

    Xbox 360 Xbl gamertags

    HXC Misfit HXC I have a mic and I'm looking for people to play and help collect odds and ends such as pictures. Just send me a msg prior so I know the add is for terraria
  18. Neintales

    Official Console and Mobile updates ETA

    Any word on the rest of the update for console other than q1? So excited to be able to do a summoner playthrough
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