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  1. Malware42

    PC Golem Clipping Through Wall

    Several times now, upon Golem reaching approx. 2% health, his body clips through the wall on the right hand side, subsequently de-spawning. The head then goes ballistic (I think that part's intentional), killing me. I have fought Golem about fifteen times on this world and this has happened...
  2. Malware42

    PC King slime not spawning

    When the slime rain occurred, I killed the required number of slimes and the 'king slime has awoken' message appeared. However, king slime never spawned. I have encountered this issue before, but assumed it was due to playing on linux at the time. As I am now playing on windows, that is clearly...
  3. Malware42

    **REPORTED** Steam Achievements

    I'm not sure whether this is a Terraria issue or a steam issue but upon killing Duke Fishron, I was given the 'Slayer of Worlds' achievement. However, I have never killed the Empress of Light or the Moon Lord. I do not have the 'Champion of Terraria' achievement on steam or in game. .
  4. Malware42

    Resolved NPC despawning to make room

    When I filled the criteria to spawn the arms dealer, rather than wait until an empty house was built, "the demolitionist was slain" and the arms dealer moved in. Issue can be worked around by simply building more empty houses ahead of time, but new players won't know that's necessary.
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