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    Switch Seedler

    Anyone willing to part with a seedler I have been trying to farm one for about 3 hours now and no luck. Am willing to trade or give pretty much anything.
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    PC Zenith

    Giving away 2 zenith swords to the first 2 people to comment on here and also add me on steam. I will be on and available shortly after 1pm eastern time today for about an hour after that I will be asleep as I work third shift lol. My steam name is the same as my username here
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    Switch Enchanted swords

    Looking to buy enchanted swords in prep for the new update (whenever it comes to the switch). Have plat and most any end game items.
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    Switch Lucky Coin

    Looking for a lucky Coin if anyone has an extra have tons of endgame gear and items as well as whatever amount of money you night want.
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    Switch Lucky Coin

    As the title I am looking for a lucky coin have ma y post moon Lord items and platinum.
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    Switch Truffle Worm

    Looking true a truffle with if anytime had a spare. Willing to give any amount of coin or any item you can think and I'll let you know if I have it.
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    Switch Looking for xeno staff

    Have lots of platinum and moon Lord stuff
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    Switch Lunar portal staff

    I am looking for this staff. I have many things I can possibly trade and if anything I have platinum I can give too
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    Switch Cell phone to trade

    Looking for a suspicious tentacle, vortex beater, and a meowmere. And or a picksaw because rng hates me.
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    Switch Plantera

    Would anyone be willing to help me kill plantera on my expert world
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    Switch Medusa statue

    Anyone have one will pay for it
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    Switch Looking for a couple things

    I am looking for a vampire knives, suspicious looking tentacle, vortex beater, and the rainbow sword can't remember the name of it. Make an offer and ill see what I have.
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    Switch Skeletron Prime

    Anyone want to help me kill skeletron prime on my expert world
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    Switch Metal detector

    Looking for a metal detector if anyone has an extra one willing to pay at least 25 platinum
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    Switch Crimson Key

    Looking for someone that has one or the vampire knives. Willing to pay whatever
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