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  1. Quixel

    tModLoader Starlight River (WIP)

    Don't remove it plz it seems like a really nice biome
  2. Quixel

    tModLoader Starlight River (WIP)

    Question: with that new biome under the desert: how could you make it so it doesn't clash with the calamity mod? Or is that impossible? Playing both at the same time sounds ebicc
  3. Quixel

    tModLoader Starlight River (WIP)

    This mod looks SO GOOD
  4. Quixel

    tModLoader Exodus Mod

    The hate is because literally nothing from this mod is original The sprites are all recolors of vanilla sprites and the code is Terraria code almost flat out. They don't put love I to it, they just want MORE items
  5. Quixel

    Cross-Platform Hollow knight

    How many of you guys have beat the POH all bindings?
  6. Quixel

    Terraria Launch on Nintendo Switch

    So you're saying that the physical to hollow k ight is double the price? Time to buy it then, the developers really deserve it
  7. Quixel

    tModLoader The Perplexity Mod

  8. Quixel

    Re-Logic Announces Terraria: Journey's End at E3!

    Time to sink 1000 hours into this bad boy
  9. Quixel

    Pixel Art This is my first ever pixel art. I'm opened to criticism and tips to be better in future.

    Some criticism: Very noisy No shading on the rest of the snail There is no hue shifting
  10. Quixel

    Cross-Platform Hollow knight

    Yep, the official same is pantheon of the nailsage
  11. Quixel

    Cross-Platform Hollow knight

    My personal favorite charm setup has to be Shamon Stone, unbreakable strength, spell twister, and Mark of pride because it gives you the best of both spells and nail, so can use them both without one being weaker than the other. Sometimes I would make Mark of pride long nail and nailmaster's glory
  12. Quixel

    tModLoader The Endurium Mod

    Can you add a download to the main post?
  13. Quixel

    tModLoader SGAmod

    Have you considered adding a discord?
  14. Quixel

    tModLoader The Perplexity Mod

    The development is going steadily currently!
  15. Quixel

    Your pfp is yoongi

    Your pfp is yoongi
  16. Quixel

    I love Kpop aswell, especially bts

    I love Kpop aswell, especially bts
  17. Quixel

    Discord tag: Wild Woof#4596

    Discord tag: Wild Woof#4596
  18. Quixel

    tModLoader Trelamium Mod Remastered

    I'm sorry, but the development is canceled for good
  19. Quixel

    Exitium Mod

    do you by any chance have a discord?
  20. Quixel

    tAPI (WIP) The Ardium Mod

    I think the idea is wonderful, but the sprites may need work
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