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  1. Pandemonium135

    Serious My girlfriend needs some art.

    Hey guys I know how much talent there is on this forum. My girlfriends birthday is around the corner and I have gifts ready for her. But I am missing some art. And I just wondered if anybody wanted to draw some art for her. She is the most amazing person I have ever met and I think it would be...
  2. Pandemonium135

    Mixing Station

    I thought I would suggest a station for builders. It would look kind of like a cement mixer. It would have two slots. The first slot only accepts green, purple, and red solution. In the second slot you can put stone, sand, hardened sand ice. The relation would be of one single solution to...
  3. Pandemonium135

    Replayability of Terraria.

    Hello fellow terrarians, I was thinking on my bus time about little additions (or are they?) that would make an impact on the game's replayability. Here they go hope you enjoy the read. 1) As I posted recently on YoraizOr's profile when I get to hallowed tier, the crafting options seem...
  4. Pandemonium135

    PC No spear love?

    So after pretty much discovering most of the content of 1.3 I was dissapointed find out they did not add any new spear. Spears are the weapons I love the most in terraria because you can really destroy with them in pvp early game. I really want some new spears :( RIP North Pole.
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