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  1. Erikfassett

    It never actually crossed my mind that you'd notice me looking at your catalogue of dragons...

    It never actually crossed my mind that you'd notice me looking at your catalogue of dragons. Anyway here's a dragon for noticing me I guess
  2. Erikfassett

    How do you organize your hotbar?

    My inventory often depends on what items I have available, but here's the typical ordering system I follow 1. Secondary weapon 2. Primary weapon 3. Tertiary weapon I order things like this because I use the numbers to access the first half of the hotbar, and the number 2 is closest to my...
  3. Erikfassett

    What misconceptions did you have when you started playing?

    I think my best misconception of Terraria involves the Corruption: It was my very early days of Terraria, back in 1.0.6. I had started a softcore character, got a bit of stuff (Like copper armor), and felt I was good enough to do mediumcore. At this time, I had not known about the Corruption...
  4. Erikfassett

    What's your favorite gun, summoning weapon, melee weapon, throwing weapon & mage weapon?

    Melee: Terra Blade. It's a nice upgrade for melee users and just feels satisfying to use. Ranged: S.D.M.G. It feels awesome gunning down everything in your path, and it's a dolphin too. Magic: Last Prism. The effect is amazing, and just destroys absolutely everything. But it isn't the best...
  5. Erikfassett

    Spawn Point Confirmation Pop-up

    You've gotta remember that the chat indicators are small and last for a short time, so if you aren't paying attention they can disappear without you knowing they were there. Also, it is pretty easy to accidentally remove your spawn because if NPC's are occupying the same space as the bed itself...
  6. Erikfassett

    Tool Rupee Replacer - Change coins into rupees (Vanilla & tModLoader)

    Hey, I found a small bug. When I went to the Tax Collector, he still said coins instead of rupees.
  7. Erikfassett

    Just hit 1000 recorded hours of Terraria!

    Just hit 1000 recorded hours of Terraria!
  8. Erikfassett

    Weird cases of world gen

    Your seed won't work because you are using mods (Thorium mod from what it appears). That is what caused the double dungeon glitch because doing it without mods only gave me the normal one dungeon. (But the world did have the same Terrain)
  9. Erikfassett

    (IDEA) Survival bots? More fun in your game!

    I looked over this and thought about it for a bit and wondered about this, so here is my verdict before I explain: I do not want this added in the game in the form you have suggested. Hear me out, there are various reasons why I chose this verdict and I shall explain. I am not against the...
  10. Erikfassett

    Things that you didn't realize were in the game for the longest time?

    That's actually false. Bacon is just a Hardmode item dropped by pigrons who spawn whenever the underground snow biome overlaps The Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow.
  11. Erikfassett

    tModLoader Big Biome Expansion: Jungle

    This is definitely a really cool mod and the kind I would probably actually play and finish because it changes the entire experience instead of just more content. I'll just say good luck on the mod!
  12. Erikfassett

    PC The Hammer-Only Playthrough!

    I just read this and this is such a creative idea, I'd just like to quickly help you;
  13. Erikfassett

    Things that you didn't realize were in the game for the longest time?

    That was most likely just a black slime that happened to contain a heart inside of it, of which was possible since 1.3, and you didn't see the slime itself due to it blending with the background.
  14. Erikfassett

    Unpopular Opinion thread

    Throwing shouldn't be expanded into hardmode Edit: Not to say that this class is bad, I just think it should only be a fun pre-hardmode class, like how Summoner only really works well in hardmode.
  15. Erikfassett

    PC "This room is missing a wall"

    Actually, you are allowed to have up to a 4x4 sized hole in background walls while still having the house being suitable, and you can have multiple of these holes as well. (It's how some of my builds actually allowed NPCs to live in them despite deliberate holes in the walls) On the post...
  16. Erikfassett

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    Found out after reading above that with a little Tedit magic you can do this:
  17. Erikfassett

    64-Bit Terraria?

    He means the application itself is currently 32-bit when it should be 64-bit for people who are able to run 64-bit applications. Texture resolutions are not dependent on this, meaning that we can change the application while not changing the textures. There is a difference between 8/16/32-bit...
  18. Erikfassett

    Here's a little secret: Anywhere on the forum, press these buttons: Up Up Down Down Left Right...

    Here's a little secret: Anywhere on the forum, press these buttons: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Enter
  19. Erikfassett

    Sprites Trap Improvements

    The sprites are really good! I do agree that traps should look a bit different from the environment themselves, but they should camouflage well enough that they can still catch most players off guard if they aren't paying attention, but not well enough for those actually looking for them will...
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