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  1. zsoltsinko

    Help me with Custom chest loot coding please!

    Hey everyone,sorry for posting here again i really dont want to spam,i just want to ask how can i add custom dungeon locked chest loot when generating a new world or underworld locked shadow chest loot or even floating island chest loot.I would really grateful if someone could help me becouse i...
  2. zsoltsinko

    There's any way to check Terraria's base item source codes?

    Im still a beginner coder and would help me a lot to know how to make certain things(such as a gun that act like piranha gun but weaker or stronger). If this post isnt related to this forum then tell me where should i post it and ill do,thanks in advice!
  3. zsoltsinko

    tModLoader Combat mod

    Have no time and due to im bad at coding, I won't continue working on this mod. Ranged Weapons Magic Weapons Summoner Weapons Throwing Weapons Materials NPCS[/SPOILER]
  4. zsoltsinko

    tModLoader My first attempt with mod item spriting

    So this is my little mod the "Picimod" that add weapons(more to come), later npcs,materials and some more things. So here's what i have for now...: True Darklance (Broken hero lance+Darklance) True Gungnir(Broken hero lance+Gungnir) Terralance(Broken hero lance+True Gungnir+True Darklance)...
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