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  1. Talamar1

    What does it really take to make an ocean biome?

    I was looking at some older maps and a question came to mind because I noticed on one that the angler wouldn't spawn. What does it take to actually make the ocean biome. I know it is by default the outside edge of the world, the wiki states that. But on this map (Isle of Voices) they put a...
  2. Talamar1

    Obsidian Platform behavior isn't consistent in MP

    In SP, obsidian platforms survive lava (from lava slimes). In MP the platforms break.
  3. Talamar1

    Would you play a mod that could destroy your creations?

    If a mod had the ability to destroy things you created (either through mob attacks with heavy weapons, spreading biomes, boss battles, etc.) would you be willing to play it. Would you be willing to go back out into the world to find ores that could withstand the attacks or create items that...
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