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  1. ArticReaper

    Console How to remove Buffs and Summons on 1.4 Console Update

    Hello everyone, I saw quite a few people asking how to remove summons so below you will find some pictures showing how to do that. You can also find a video of how to do it. >>>>Which you can find here<<<< Hopefully this helped you learn 1 of the new ways to do things with...
  2. ArticReaper

    Console How to fix safe region so hotbar is on screen for 1.4 Console Update

    Hello everyone, I saw quite a few people were running into the issue of their hotbar/health been partially on screen. Thankfully there is an easy fix for this, I have some pictures below on how to fix this issue and have made a video on it. >>>Which you can find here<<<< Hopefully...
  3. ArticReaper

    Console How to fix Character Stutter on 1.4 update for Console

    Hello everyone. I have seen a lot of people including my self have come across this issue. Thankfully there is an easy fix for it. Below you will find some screenshots shots on how to fix it. I have also made a video showing what to do as well. >>>>Which you can find here<<<<...
  4. ArticReaper

    Console With the 1.4 update now out, I have a few gripes with it and also fixes for common issues.

    To start off with. Why make something that worked before worse? Its a little confusing to me First we have the key bindings. They are all over the place. Classic is 100% not classic. Before to trash something it was simply press X/Square on the item you wanted to bin. Now you have to pick it up...
  5. ArticReaper

    Console Question for Pipeworks regarding the current version of Terraria on console

    So with the update for Terraria changing the game to how the pc one works. In terms of UI and everything. Why was this "update" Just not released as a separate game? You said you reworked the game from the ground up so why get rid of the old one? Just how Minecraft has done at the moment...
  6. ArticReaper

    Xbox One Looking to trade Shark Statue for Flesh Cloning Vat

    I'm looking for the Flesh Cloning Vat and would like to trade a Shark Statue for it. Or money. Name your price. Either here or message me on xbox GT: ArticReaper Thank you. :)
  7. ArticReaper

    Xbox One How to name chests?

    So with the update out now at least I got it just before. How do we go about naming the chests?
  8. ArticReaper

    PC Camera Function Question

    So I have this idea for a gif/video. But I need to be able to capture what is happening in the game with the character moving across the screen but with out the camera going with him. Is there a way to do this with the Camera function? Or at all for that matter? Also should note. I just...
  9. ArticReaper

    3DS 3DS Save Backup

    I'm just wondering. Hope I am posting in the right spot. But is it possible to back up saves for Terraria? I tried doing it on the 3ds but it tells me that there is no save data that can be backed up. Is there a way to back up saves? I keep seeing stuff about people losing their saves and...
  10. ArticReaper

    3DS Just bought Terraria on 3ds

    To the 3ds users on here. What should I expect from this? And what have you done so far on it? :) I will admit I'm loving the touch screen functions. Mainly the block placing one. THAT is very very very handy.
  11. ArticReaper

    Console Simple Slime Staff/Gel Farm

    So I come up with this idea for a simple small Smile farm. That will give you lots of Gel and a Slime Staff every now and then. As the drop rate on the staff is about 0.01% You can also get money out of this as well. As gel sells for 1 copper. So to build this farm you will need a few things...
  12. ArticReaper

    3DS Australian 3DS Store price and discussion

    It sucks that people in Australia fork out a lot for games. I just looked on the store to see how much Terraria is. $28.95 Lucky I like this game. XD Already bought this game 4 times now. This will make it the 5th. What do you lot think of this price?
  13. ArticReaper

    Xbox One Music Box not recording

    So I have been sitting here underground for a good 30mins now. And it has not recorded the underground song. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I have it equipped in the accessory slot And nothing has happened for the last 30mins.
  14. ArticReaper

    Console Auto Digging. Which is better and what do you prefer.

    So as announced just recently. The auto digging will be updated on console to be like the pc version. How are people with this that game on console? Do you prefer to dig down 2 blocks wide or 3? Personally I prefer 3 blocks wide. As you can put single platforms to get back up. And leave 2...
  15. ArticReaper

    Xbox 360 Worlds Gone?

    So I just jumped on the 360 and loaded up Terraria. It gave me an update and after it was done game started fine. Get a notification saying that a world was removed because it was to a different profile. No idea why. But Was like alright. Clicked ok and went to load my main world. And all my...
  16. ArticReaper

    Xbox One Wall placement possible bug?

    So I saw this picture on good image search Edit: Person that made that building built more to it. Original can be found here - http://vargenssonalec.deviantart.com/art/Terraria-House-Progress-2-407522463 And I want to build it on my worlds as a NPC house. My only problem is what I can only...
  17. ArticReaper

    Console Where do you get your building ideas from?

    So as the Title says. Where do you get your building ideas from? Do you come up with them your self or do you see other peoples work and work with what they have done? Me personally. I can not come up with my own stuff very well. So I'm more of a copy person. I'm just not very creative to...
  18. ArticReaper

    Xbox One Trading Bone Key for Other pets

    I have built this little room for killing Guardians and would like to trade the Pet summon Bone Keys for the other pet summons. I have quite a few of the keys. So there are plenty to go around. Looking for all other pet summons. Or anything else that might be useful :) Will have forum open...
  19. ArticReaper

    Xbox One On screen item Question

    So was playing Terrria and been building this wonderful Glowing Mushroom farm I saw. Works fine. But what is the deal with this? A hole 8-9 rows instead of dropping Disappear. You can see from the video below What is the reason this happens?
  20. ArticReaper

    Xbox One Buying Statue's

    So I'm looking at building a Frost Moon farm and I'm short 3 statues. Shark, Crab and Piranha. These are all I need Am willing to trade/buy them for Platinum. I am available from 5pm AEST Till 4am AEST Will check here for a reply every Hour or so. Thank you.
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