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  1. ARandomUser


    The backpack would be an accessory that you could acquire early game. It would add 9 or 18 slots to your inventory. You would find it in jungle chest with about a 1/40 chance. You can add to this idea or change it a bit if you want to below.
  2. ARandomUser

    Upgrade to greedy ring

    I thought of an idea, probably an accessory that would add on to the greedy ring. It would either combine with the ring or go into the crafting recipe. What this accessory does, is tells you all the prices of objects whether you’re talking to an vendor NPC or not. This isn’t much, so it would be...
  3. ARandomUser

    Solar Cultist?

    After seeing the solar cultist outfit sold by the by the clothier, I was very interested. After looking around and asking people, I found out that it was going to fight alongside the lunatic cultist. Does anyone know why it was removed, or if they’re planning something else with it in the future?
  4. ARandomUser

    Master Mode summon idea

    I have come up with a new idea for Terraria’s master mode. Any summoned minions can die after being hit a few times and have to be resummoned. This would add a new challenge for summoners, it any one who just uses minions. I don’t think this would make anything extremely hard, it would just be...
  5. ARandomUser

    Switch Updates

    Considering the console versions (xbox 1 + PS4) are getting a packaged update of 1.3.2-1.3.5, is switch getting this around the same time? I can understand if it won’t but I’d like some clarification, because I’m really looking forward to play a more updated version of terraria ( I don’t have a PC)
  6. ARandomUser

    Crimson/Corruption/Hallow Blocker

    Containing the biomes that spread in hardmode is extremely tedious, and can look pretty strange. Instead of having to dig a five block wide gap to contain it, you should have an (expensive to craft) item to prevent it from spreading. It would look like some sort of purification laser, that to...
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