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  1. RoboTTrustworthy

    Member-Run Project ABNT! An Update Thread For My Project!

  2. RoboTTrustworthy

    Other Art Trustworthy Clothing (An art thread)

    Large logo! We finally have one? Yup! Who made it? @MinieK of course! Welcome to my clothing thread! Some basics: -Follow the TCF guidelines -I only take 3 requests at a time -I don't do armors -I use very simple shading -I don't color the skin or give the character a face -I take as much...
  3. RoboTTrustworthy

    Other Art Digital Stuff (a collection)

    When I feel bored i often make whatever Yes, whatever NOTE: These are not in the order they're made, so-u-kno, no history here. ALSO: Credit goes to the original creators of the pics used in my creations WARNING: Some of these pictues may contain TRIGGERING material and should be viewed with...
  4. RoboTTrustworthy


    Sup, this will be the final page for my game :happy: You might remember it from my old thread (it has all kinds of info) http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/codename-ddj-a-game-by-robott.29998/ On here i will post updates on what's going on! The game still isn't planned to be...
  5. RoboTTrustworthy

    Robo's Tests and Experiments

    Hello! I'm RoboTT and welcome to my little thread about tests and experiments Here i will be working with all sorts of things, like for example psychological, social and physic things Let's begin shall we? TEST ONE [POLL CLOSED]: If you got the ability to read minds, would you- TEST TWO [...
  6. RoboTTrustworthy

    Casual The Weekly Tease | All Issues | Main Thread

    ALL ISSUES | MAIN THREAD ISSUES: Issue #1 - Member Ran [2015-09-11]
  7. RoboTTrustworthy

    Casual The Weekly Tease #1 | Member ran

    Issue #1 2015-09-11 I todays issue we have with us the two people running the CC, @QuackersDelta and @darthmorf! So, Quackers, how did the CC start? (answer backed up by darthmorf) Creation Compendium, to my knowledge, began with moderator Confuzzledyma on the Terraria Online forums. Her...
  8. RoboTTrustworthy

    Casual The Weekly Tease

    2015-09-04 Hello, i'm roboTT, and i really, REALLY, enjoy talking to people on here I will be interviewing the more popular members first, but i hope to make it so that i can interview even more people! Oh and if you noticed the pun in the name, i salute you I may add some more things to...
  9. RoboTTrustworthy

    How Did You Meet Them?

    So this is simple, i want you write how you met the person above you on the forum, if you've never met them on the forum, just write pass (or nothing at all if you wish) Let's start!
  10. RoboTTrustworthy

    Other Literature Subjects

    SUBJECTS The forgotten logbook The writer decided to add some information before starting I will update this as i get more information from the documents i found
  11. RoboTTrustworthy

    PC Codename: DDJ (A game by RoboTT)

    CURRENT SCRIPT: BATCH CURRENT VERSION: 0.0.2 THIS GAME IS ABANDONED! (I have started doing some work on it again, but most likely no release) Thanks to @Pinelord for the icon! Remember to read the posts below to see what i've might have spilled out :D Deranged Dragon Journey The mission...
  12. RoboTTrustworthy

    RoboTT's Small Suggestions

    Less worms Whenever i go mining or just adventure underground i always find myself hunted by those dumb worms They have no actual use in the game and they are only there to waste your time when the game is already very time craving with all the farming. I think slightly lowering the spawnrate...
  13. RoboTTrustworthy

    Pixel Art Robust Robottic Robottastic Sprites & Pixel Art

    PERMANENTLY CLOSED Artist requirements: -Nothing too huge -Follow forum rules SPRITES PIXEL ART GIFT SERVICE Everyone loves getting a gift once in a while so that's why we have a gift service! Whenever you've requested 3 times you'll get a unique styled avatar Everyone who request...
  14. RoboTTrustworthy


    Sacrifice Sacrifice is a new way of fighting bosses
  15. RoboTTrustworthy

    Ask someone fancy

    Hello and welcome to my Q&A thread Ask on I guess What i have asked myself Q. Are you fancy in real life? A. If having a creepy smile is fancy to others then yes Q. Have you ever eaten something dangerous? A. I've eaten leafs and sticks.. but i was young.. and i didn't swallow at least
  16. RoboTTrustworthy

    Short Story RoboTT Comics

    Welcome to RoboTT comics Don't ask
  17. RoboTTrustworthy

    Other Literature Nonsensical Stories

    Welcome to my little literature thread :) I will write whenever i feel like it. But be ready as some might get really dark. Some will just be funny and some will just be 'something' I'm going to have small marks on the spoilers so you know what it is * - Funny ' - dark , - Weird . - Something
  18. RoboTTrustworthy

    Pixel Art RoboTT's RoboTTastic Sprites

    STATUS: PERMANENTLY CLOSED Welcome to RoboTT's RoboTTastic Sprites Please follow these rules: -Follow forum rules -Don't expect me to be able to make creatures -Just request one thing at a time -If bad behaviour is caused i will have to make more strict rules -Creations above 64x64 will...
  19. RoboTTrustworthy

    RoboTT haven't done an introduction?

    Hi, i'm RoboTT I've been on this forum for a long while now but haven't made an introduction! I like to just talk to random people and make pixel art! (if you know me you might know i have way to many pixel art threads..) I have over 200 hours on terraria and i play several other games...
  20. RoboTTrustworthy

    Pixel Art TCF CITY

    STATUS: PERMANENTLY CLOSED TCF CITY I want to do something community based! TCFC is a pixel art project where i will make a long row of buildings custom made for peoples requests. RULES: Request something that would fit a 64x64 square/32x64 standing rectangle Follow the forum rules If...
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