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  1. RADICALAdrift

    Final Fantasy 6 Mod (WIP, Currently recruiting) Download available!

    Nice and good luck with porting i found it a pain but i suppose that was because i hadn't touched C# code for a lil while lol :p
  2. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Sprite Artist Needed for my mod (Crazy Defense)

    Hi, I'll keep it short and simple & like the title suggests i am in need of a sprite artist for my mod (Crazy Defense) >>Mod here<<, Only problem is i don't really have a theme/specific look in mind though if anyone is willing to help me out with full credit of course, Please feel free to dm...
  3. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Looking for suggestions of mods to play

    Hi there, Well the title sums up what im asking, essentially i want suggestions of mods you've tried but i will say i'm not looking to play hardcore mods like Calamity or Thorium though it doesn't mean i wont consider them but since i need an weaker than average pc to be able to play as well so...
  4. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Check my Accessory & ModPlayer code

    Okay, Well i want to re-install vs2019 to my SSD as it opens so slowly on my HDD so ill experiment with the basic code after that first then try to figure out the checks for left and right which if i cant i suppose i can just jump on the discord and see if someone can help me in the right...
  5. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Check my Accessory & ModPlayer code

    Okay cool ill experiement in a bit with it and just so i know it would be player.velocity.X then what or would Visual studio tell me what to type when i go to put it in, i'd imagine it would do that wouldn't it
  6. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Check my Accessory & ModPlayer code

    I guess that would be inside the {} where the text bit is as to where i would put player.velocity.X and Y public override bool PreHurt(bool pvp, bool quiet, ref int damage, ref int hitDirection, ref bool crit, ref bool customDamage, ref bool playSound, ref bool genGore, ref PlayerDeathReason...
  7. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Check my Accessory & ModPlayer code

    Well i'd certainly be curious to know how to do the movement thing even if it is complex but i'll deff add/adjust the immunity time to stop it spamming if i knew where to look for references etc
  8. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Check my Accessory & ModPlayer code

    Yeah ill have a look later about the immunity time which should be easy to add if i had to guess and depending on how complex it is i might consider the movement though some may find it annoying to have their character randomly move, + best part is when the update is ready i can just comment out...
  9. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Check my Accessory & ModPlayer code

    honestly i don't know why but when i thought of dodging i thought it would literally make me dodge but i guess it works in a different way and i guess i would do a similar thing if i wanted to do a thorns effect for example as that was an accessory idea i got from someone
  10. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Check my Accessory & ModPlayer code

    So i guess like how i had it with "Main.rand.NextFloat() < 0.8f)" yeah unless there is a better method to use and i suppose i could leave the text line there till i know its working and i have the right percentage
  11. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Check my Accessory & ModPlayer code

    Well that answers of it works or not i guess lol
  12. RADICALAdrift

    help me to fix this pls its my first time making a mod

    No by subscription they want you to sign into a Microsoft account and you just haven't found the right page as visual studio 2019 community is free just like vs2022 is, If you go here you can download Visual Studio 2019 Community for free direct from Microsoft Download here (edit that download...
  13. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Check my Accessory & ModPlayer code

    Okay, Thanks Micheal ill give that a go and let you know in the discord rather than here
  14. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Check my Accessory & ModPlayer code

    Hi there, I've had someone help me with this on the tModLoader discord but it doesn't seem to be working though i get no errors when compiling so im confused Accessory code: hastebin ModPlayer code: hastebin
  15. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Accessory Code help

    Oh i guess im blind lol
  16. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Accessory Code help

    Hi there, I'm in the process of adding a new accessory to my mod (Crazy Defense) which will have a dodge effect when worn but i need help setting up the ModPlayer file with the effect and then applying it to the accessory This is the code that needs to go in the ModPlayer file "return...
  17. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader [Released] CrazyDefense (WIP)

    Surprise update coming TBD but it'll add new acessories and other things perhaps
  18. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Mods sounds not playing in multiplayer correctly

    Hi, Currently got an issue with my mods custom sound not playing from a projectile death in multiplayer properly Projectile Code: using Terraria; using Terraria.ID; using Terraria.Audio; using Terraria.ModLoader; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework; namespace OPDefense.Content.Projectiles.Ranged {...
  19. RADICALAdrift

    tModLoader Index was outside the bounds of the array

    currently .ogg, originally .wav in my mod for TML 1.3 though i wouldn't have thought that would have made a difference and it's funny you mention "(SoundLoader.GetLegacySoundSlot("ModName/Assets/Sounds/Custom/Summon")" as ive just had a look at the ExampleGun.cs in the Example mod and it uses an...
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