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  1. CoconutAdam

    1.4 Has destroyed texturepacks

    Sorry for the slightly clickbait-y title Of course I know the spritesheet size limitation isn't a bug, and I understand why it exists. But this completely destroys any large texturepack. Calamity Texturepack (CTP) for example has thousands of sprites, hundreds of which are broken and will...
  2. CoconutAdam

    PC Please fix 1.4 texturepacks

    If anybody at Relogic is reading this, please, please make Terraria read image files that are a different resolution from Vanilla. It completely destroys most Packs and for larger ones like Calamity's, it means hundreds of sprites will need to be redone to even show up. I'm saying this on...
  3. CoconutAdam

    Prime Texturepack!

    THIS THREAD IS OUTDATED, SEE THE NEW THREAD IN THE RELEASED CATEGORY Thank you! (NEW THREAD is a link btw) Hello! I'm the creator of Prime texturepack. Prime aims to keep vanilla's feel while looking much better. At the moment the texturepack is not released to the general public, but we are...
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