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  1. Andyram555

    Switch Splitscreen Terraria Launches on Nintendo Switch

    This is what I've been waiting for.. but I play on PC more
  2. Andyram555

    Resolved Soundtrack Question

    Thank you a lot. I was getting a bit worried but now I know. Thank you
  3. Andyram555

    Resolved Soundtrack Question

    So recently I've been looking at the Terraria Soundtrack. It sounded beautiful and I'd like to use it in my videos one day, but I am feared that it's copyrighted. I wouldn't want to get a strike or my video to get taken down. It's just a question, but I'd really like to know.
  4. Andyram555


    So I have a Razer keyboard and when I go in Terraria it changes the design. It doesn't annoy as much but it flashes a random color. I just would like to know if there was a way to disable this feature.
  5. Andyram555

    Not much..

    Not much..
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