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  1. Phoenix_96

    Switch Has usb keyboard and mouse compatiblity been added already?

    So I remember it not being present for the launch of 1.4 on the nintendo Switcg, because the switch didn't support it yet at the time. But I've been looking through my setting and now it is compatible. So has Terraria been patched for that in the meantime?
  2. Phoenix_96

    Switch Money through

    Can't interact with the summoned piggy bank
  3. Phoenix_96

    Resolved [Switch] Does the Weather Radio even drop?

    I have been farming the angler for the Weather Radio. The last item I need to make the cell phone. However he drops literally everything but the weather radio. So far I have 3 Sextants, 3 fisherman's pocket guides and two bottomless water buckets. But no weather radio. Anyone else have this issue?
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