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    An INNUMERABLE amount of weapons tested against Golem

    Did you do the summoner ones with "Max minions", 11, I believe... using Stardust Armor, Necromantic Scroll, Pygmy Necklace, Papyrus Scarab, Summoning Potion and Bewitching Table. Only 10 if you use the Tiki-armor from the witchdoctor. (The free sentry from stardust armor would need to be counted...
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    Maximum Buffs.

    Wow, I didn't even notice that there was a limit... I wonder if that is why my buff-outs don't seem to be working right. I just thought they didn't show on the screen, but assumed they were still working. Yet another "game rule" that has no warning, explanation, or even a justification for being...
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    Do mods that hide vanity slot items exist?

    There should be a little "HIDE/SHOW" button on the vanity item... Top-right I assume he is like me... Using vanity slots as extra inventory-holders, for swapping gear, when needed. (I keep my fishing-gear in my vanity slot, when not fishing and my armor in vanity when fishing. So my visible...
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    PC Merchant not sellling the stopwatch

    Yes, that is what I was implying. Doesn't hurt to have multiple worlds too... I remember when small things like "cheating" would bother me, and waiting for the horrible "odds system" to kick-in, was a hopeful possibility. However, like the need for forums and the fan-made WiKi... They are just...
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    PC What to do after Moon Lord?

    Be the master of laziness... Beat the whole game without purposely attacking or hitting ANYTHING yourself. Use only your minions and sentries. (Except the things which need to be hit, to be "triggered", like the cultists who don't attack first.) See if you mastered your dodging skills, since...
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    Terraria State of the Game - November 2021

    None of the links work... When will PC get a UI transparency slider adjustment. We have only been asking since 2015 for this simple function. Many of us want it NOT transparent, so we can actually see the items.
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    PC Ultimate basic guide to a pure world

    I find it ironic that the game eggs-you-on to "Remove all Corruption and Hollow." Then, to add insult to injury... The second you actually do, both ends become corrupt again! The game purposely makes it impossible to do what it suggests that you do. (Sure, it will be clean for a moment, then it...
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    why do journey mode characters have to research?

    Because people who just want to create, don't use the actual game to do it. There are a few world-editors that don't even require you to enter the game once... Like it was said, "Journey mode", was intended to make the game be a journey, which retains the game aspects. Some editors are even...
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    cracked teraria

    Well, you will never get permission to use pirated software from the people who are trying to make a living from selling the software. Everyone has the ability to make a valid purchase. This is not only obtained by some obscure method of payment. Anyone with a credit-card, a gift-card to steam...
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    PC Now that Terraria won the steam Labor of Love award, maybe we can get some of those overdue QoL changes?

    I wouldn't call those QoL updates. These would be my QoL requests... - Some actual indication of NPC happiness. (The happiness info is quite literally useless. The WiKi is needed.) - Matching storage volume, which at-least has as many slots as we have in inventory, so we can dump our whole...
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    PC Merchant not sellling the stopwatch

    Every day a new merchant comes to town... Build a watch and you don't have to wait for the message. He arrives at the same time and leaves at the same time, every day. (Build the watch at a table, while sitting in a chair. I forget the recipe.)
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    Am I losing my mind? There was a walking tree in this game, right?

    I swear, I remember walking to the beach in one of my worlds, past a jungle and there was a thin walking tree that you could attack. I forget what it dropped, but I am about 90% sure it was one of the living-tree wands. Was this cool little creature removed from the game or was it specific to...
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    PC Adjusting the UI Transparency to make it easier to see inventories/chests

    Please! For the love of all things good... Give PC users an opacity setting! Everything except the PC has a UI transparency slider. (Funny, because I see posts as far back as 2015 asking for that to be added as an option or as a mod to "fix" the issue.) Nearly 7 years later and it's the ONE...
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    PC Can't Load Into Any Worlds At All

    No worries... A lot about the game is unclear. (Honestly, I am unsure why that is even a restriction, except for "achievements". Each map could be just changed to that type, to match the "game play mode". Demanding that your mode matches any other in multiplayer.)
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    A dilemma I have about using multiple worlds.

    Think of it this way... (For those with the same question.) Multiple characters were designed to be played on multiple worlds. That function, alone, should be enough mental justification to use that feature. Each world should be treated as if it were just that... An individual new world, as if...
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    An Eye For An Eye: Terraria x Don't Starve Together Crossover Update Launches Today!

    Not sure where to report bugs and requests... Bug: While using the "Bee Keeper" sword... (I have seen this issue before, with other weapons.) Issue: When you start swinging, in many moments you can't change direction. You become locked facing one way, unable to turn around and swing at other...
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    tModLoader Magic Storage

    The Devs of "Magic Storage Extra", are pointing HERE, to this thread, in the GitHub... Also noted that the main Dev, of (Magic storage) is also on the (Magic Storage - Extra) mod. They are the reason there is so much confusion. Adding insult to injury (confusion), the tModLoader (browser)...
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