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    Return of the Zapinator

    you predicted the Gray Zapinator sprite, looks almost exactly like it.
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    Pixel Art Scratch Lunin's Sprite Dump

    In the spoilers for the sprite within each mod can you also put a link to somewhere about the mod, because when I see these amazing sprites I want to know what they're more.
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    Incorporating the pocket mirror into the ankh shield

    The paladin could drop a rusty shield, to be the ankh shield's broken hero sword. I agree, but its good temporary name so we remember this is and upgrade to ankh shield specifally and not the ultimate shield acsessory.
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    Ankh Shield: Easy to get, better to upgrade

    And which of the items would it inherit it from.
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    Change the Angler NPC's quest reward system

    That is always the first thing I get.
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    Little Gems From the Wiki Episode 2: The Saga Continues

    I feel like this is someone trying to fake speedrun by modding the game but reporting what they modded as a bug on the wiki. It says monsters, so it most likely was copy pasted from the statue page. I see it, but it doesn't look confused.
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    Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

    Is the water of worlds cuthulu's intestine, I always thought it was due to the fact the mechanic created the other mech bosses trying to recreate cuthulu.
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    PC Town NPC attacks overhaul

    The party girl should have a 5 percent chance to get a haircut once you have a stylist, i mean she says she wants to.
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    PC Flower Boots Improvements

    Even if it had a 1 in 5000 chance people would just make a hoik loop and wait until they get one.
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