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  1. samufinland

    PC Flails and melee speed prefixes

    The overhaul to flails also made them be affected by melee speed, increasing their range. It'd be neat if you could roll flail prefixes that affect speed now, like Light and Heavy.
  2. samufinland

    **REPORTED** Encumbering Stone prevents Mana Cloak star pickups

    Having the Encumbering Stone in your inventory prevents you from picking up the mana stars summoned by the Mana Cloak, even though you can pick up regular Mana Stars and Hearts just fine
  3. samufinland

    PC Encumbering Stone and Void Bag QoL

    I have no idea how to form this suggestion into a proper sentence. 1. Let's say you have the Encumbering Stone on your inventory and you try to pick up some stone blocks, I kind of wish it would pick them up if you already have stone blocks on your inventory, so you could only pick up items...
  4. samufinland

    Digging Molecart incinsistency when using weapons, or just in general.

    When using a weapon that changes your direction to where you are aiming, like Minishark for example, (that allows you to walk backwards) while using the Digging Molecart, some inconsitency happens. While shooting, for example, left while moving right, you don't dig the wall, and the molecart...
  5. samufinland

    tModLoader Has there been a mod that adds a summonable Safe?

    The title says it all, has anyone seen a (tModLoader) mod that includes an item that can be used to summon a Safe, just like what the Money Through does? I tried googling it but I found only links to random pages on the official wiki and boss summoning mods
  6. samufinland

    PC Unique grappling hooks?

    There are a lot of grappling hooks in Terraria. But most of them behave the same, only differing in reach. Some of them also have multiple hooks. It would be awesome if there was more grappling hooks like the Anti Gravity Hook or the Static Hook that behave completely differently from the rest...
  7. samufinland

    PC I need the Lamia vanity set and Djinn's curse, will pay well

    I've had terrible luck finding these items and I want to try them out. Any new weapons introduced in 1.3.3 are welcome as well I will pay well
  8. samufinland

    What is the most uncommon/luckiest thing that has happened to you in Terraria?

    I had just started a playthrough and started mining downwards, I got to the layer where lava started appearing. A bat appeared on a cave right next to me and flew to a pool of lava between us. It dropped a Chain Knife, it didn't fall in the lava (although it probably would not been be destroyed...
  9. samufinland

    Thanks for a smart website design. Or something

    Thanks for whoever made it so I need to confirm my like if I accidentally hit the like button just after the page has loaded! I hate hitting the like button by accident.
  10. samufinland

    More combined items?

    It would be really cool to be able to combine more accessories like Lava Vaders and Frostspark Boots. They are both boots and they both are used in movement. Also, their themes are the polar opposites, freeze and lava. Buldle of balloons and the rest of the balloons. -there are three other...
  11. samufinland

    Custom languages?

    It would be really nice to get custom languages in the game without modding, it looks really weird if a texture pack still has the same names as items even when the sprites are completely different. Like if someone makes a gun from a bow but it's still named Gold Bow or something like that...
  12. samufinland

    Mechanical Wall of Flesh?

    I know there are three mechanical bosses already but I can make an optinion right? I think it would be cool if you summoned all three mechanical bosses at the save time in the Underworld they would form a mechanical version of the Wall of Flesh instead of three separate bosses I really like...
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