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  1. Hunited

    I realised something weird

    Illuminant bat, right? But wait! Look more closely... ... Illuminant... Illuminati... Coincedence? I think not.
  2. Hunited

    PC Fedora

    Rolling in style has been a major part of the game for most users that play Terraria. For that purpose: here is an awesome new hat! The Fedora, it has a 100% chance to drop from a Fedora Bunny. Tooltip: "M'lady." Fedora Bunnies have a 5% chance to spawn instead of a normal bunny, but only at...
  3. Hunited

    Pixel Art Hun-sprited, hehehe.

    Hunited's Pixel Art thread. I've grouped my sprites into categories, but the only one that will probably be updated from now on is probably the 'General Pixel Art' one. Requests are open again! Finally! Without further ado, here they are:
  4. Hunited

    PC Berserker Hood

    The Berserker Hood is an alternative to the Frost Helmet that focuses on melee instead of both melee and ranged. Like the Frost Helmet it triggers the Frost Armor's set bonus. It is a helmet that barely grants any defense and is instead highly rewarding in terms of brute strength. Crafting: a...
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