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  1. thegamemaster1234

    tModLoader TGM1234's Mods

    Hello, and welcome to my forum thread! This is for all of my mods. Requirement for most of my mods (basically all of them right now, actually): Ever wanted to dye your items? Well, now you can: Some extra dyes to play with: Making Pet Dyes Great Again: Make things stay as they were when...
  2. thegamemaster1234

    tModLoader Dye Utilities Mod [Released WIP]

    This is a mod that allows you to apply dyes to parts that you normally can't. Currently, that means: - Hair while wearing a hat - Skin - Default clothing Here are two examples of what is possible with this mod: Any dye that can be equipped in the standard dye slots and uses item.dye to apply...
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