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  1. ThatNS


  2. ThatNS

    tModLoader Searching for Spriters/Coders

    i am currently having a terraria pause but if i wanna start modding again i can inform you:cool:
  3. ThatNS

    tModLoader Bismuth Mod 1.0.2 [Released WIP]

    The sprites are AMAZING
  4. ThatNS

    tModLoader Crinkle Mod

    Can you show us some sprites ?
  5. ThatNS

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    The new bosses are looking pretty „FRESCH“ :D
  6. ThatNS

    tModLoader Pentacore Mod - 5 ores, 4 bosses, 2 minibiomes and more!

    This mod is probably dead:confused:
  7. ThatNS

    tModLoader Pumpking's Mod

    The Links are not working for me ;(
  8. ThatNS

    tModLoader Decimation Mod

    The Dracula sprites looks EXTREMELY cool :passionate:
  9. ThatNS

    how can i create an custom ore ?

    look at the title
  10. ThatNS

    tAPI W1K's Sizable Variety Package

    yeeeeeees finally
  11. ThatNS

    tModLoader Searching for Spriters/Coders

    i can sprite but i can't really code
  12. ThatNS

    tModLoader Searching for Spriters/Coders

    Hey guys, i'm searching for Coders and Spriters for my mod. (Thread here : http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/votaria-a-community-mod.46417/ ) You can also post Ideas for new Content under the mod thread. :rslime:
  13. ThatNS

    tModLoader Votaria a Community Mod

    Hey Guys, My name is ThatNS and i have an Idea for a great Mod: You can post Sprites, coded Items/Npcs and Ideas under this Thread and then i will add them to the Mod.:D I am also going to sprite/code some new Items/Npcs for the Mod. Hope you'll enjoy my Mod-Idea;).
  14. ThatNS

    tAPI Omnirs Nostalgia Pack

    Me too :D
  15. ThatNS

    tModLoader Negadium - Mharadium & Negativity

    I can't wait to play terraria with this mod,tremor, thorium, ersion, zoaklen, other mods which aren't released yet like spirit or gyrolite and other mods, which were originally standalone / for tapi like omnir's nostalgia mod, ulterraria:D. (Sorry for my bad english, i'm from germany )
  16. ThatNS

    tModLoader Reborn 1.3

    Hey Guys, You all should know the Reborn mod for an old Version of Terraria, with some coders and spriters i want to convert the old Reborn mod to the tmodloader. I'm not verry good in coding but i'm good in spriting. :D
  17. ThatNS

    tAPI Omnirs Nostalgia Pack

    Can't wait to play 1.3 with tremor, thorium and nostalgia :D
  18. ThatNS

    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    Can you please port this epic mod to the tmodloader, that will be Awesome ;)
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