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  1. Derpling Ω

    A helpful thing for DPS testing for summoners.

    Here's an incredibly simple idea I had: Make it so that minions by default don't attack target dummies (same as now) but you can still right click a target dummy to put the minion priority marker on them, and the minions will attack target dummies if you do this. This way, minions would...
  2. Derpling Ω

    Hallowed Ore

    This is a small(ish) change that I thought of, and would give an actual reason for the Adamantite/Titanium pickaxe/drill to exist. Mechanical bosses no longer drop hallowed bars. Instead, the first kill of that each boss spawns a new "hallowed ore" throughout the Cavern layer in a similar way...
  3. Derpling Ω

    Make Autopause work in Camera Mode.

    There isn't really any harm in doing this, as it's required that you click a very small part of your screen for it to work, and that means it isn't even as exploitable as using the settings menu to pause the game. You are left extremely vulnerable in camera mode, and can't even access your...
  4. Derpling Ω

    Let us rebind armor set bonus abilities.

    Currently, the only way to use armor set bonus abilities is by double tapping up or down. Down is the default and conflicts with platforms/featherfall, and up conflicts with ropes and the gravity globe/potion. What if, we were able to set it to any key we want instead, without it having be...
  5. Derpling Ω

    Cursed Accessories, a new risk/reward system

    This will probably be my least balanced suggestion of all time, but at least it (hopefully) serves its purpose of providing a reward for specifically the more skilled players. These accessories are very powerful, but also come with a massive drawback for using them. You also can only have one...
  6. Derpling Ω

    PC Two annoying visual glitches.

    The Shield of Cthulhu sprite seems to have the front of it disappear repeatedly while you're walking, and its incredibly annoying when trying to design vanity. Could this get fixed? Another annoying one is that the Obstructed debuff has a really messy graphic around the player, and you can see...
  7. Derpling Ω

    Make Minions update their damage values properly.

    Currently, minions only have the damage increases of the gear that you were wearing when you summoned them. This is extremely counterintuitive and encourages the swapping of armor/accessories a little too much. So, make the minions have their damage (and soon crit chance) update correctly when...
  8. Derpling Ω

    Port the Quick Stacking animation from 3DS to all platforms.

    I don't know if many people are aware of this feature, but pressing the "Quick Stack to Nearby Chests" button on the 3DS version actually shows the items physically moving from your character to the chests around you. It's very satisfying to watch and takes the same amount of time (the items...
  9. Derpling Ω

    Making the Shark Tooth Necklace NOT borderline useless.

    The Shark Tooth Necklace always seemed... bizarre to me. It seems like a big maybe on how useful it is, and that's because it just gives you a flat 2-3 damage increase? I'm not really sure if I can think up a certain time it's been consistently helpful. Anyway. jere's my idea for giving an...
  10. Derpling Ω

    How to get a trail effect on any armor!

    This is a bug/exploit that allows you to get the trail effect similar to the one that shadow armor gives, but it works on any armor/vanity! First, you will need a Shield of Cthulhu, Tabi, or Master Ninja Gear. The last two have easier timing than the shield. Dash using your accessory...
  11. Derpling Ω

    Make "Quick Stack to nearby chests" work on pigs/safes/defender's forge/void vault

    Pretty simple suggestion. It's incredibly annoying to have to open your piggy bank to quick stack your coins into it. So PLEASE let the "Quick stack to nearby chests" button work on these.
  12. Derpling Ω

    Balancing Grappling Hooks

    Alright, there are five hooks I want to address here. Biome Mimic Hooks: Buff their range to be equal to the dual hook. They're harder to obtain, and for some reason have lower range. Thorn Hook: Make this similar to the Antigravity Hook, but with more range, and 50% lower swing speed. It...
  13. Derpling Ω

    Buff Lava Waders.

    The Lava Waders are absurdly rare and don't give you nearly a good enough reward for their rarity. You only need lava resistance maybe twice in a playthrough MAX and even then the job is done better by potions, which last much longer and let you completely ignore EVERY effect of these boots...
  14. Derpling Ω

    Buffing Silt

    I remember that when I first found an extractinator, I thought silt was the way to go. Now that I have more experience, I realize that silt isn't actually renewable and is actually highly inefficient to go out of your way for. It saddens me that a block with that unique property of being...
  15. Derpling Ω

    Buffing Post Moon Lord Armors (except Nebula)

    Because there isn't anything after the Moon Lord, there isn't any real reason for the luminite armors to not be an absurdly broken reward for all of the player's hard work, especially considering that the nurse isn't going to be an option in 1.4. The Nebula Armor is a prime example of what...
  16. Derpling Ω

    Lunatic Cultist Master Mode Rework Idea

    This idea is a little more ambitious than what I've suggested before, but I'm sure it won't be too bad. The Lunatic Cultist's attacks are much easier to dodge than other bosses once you've learned them, and as a result, I feel like if a major rework isn't done for this boss, he'll just be...
  17. Derpling Ω

    Add an option to completely disable banners.

    Yes, yes, I know they can be useful. But I would honestly not rather have my inventory and chat spammed every time I kill the 50th of literally anything. For extended mining expeditions it's especially annoying as my inventory is already close to full and I don't need the rest of my slots...
  18. Derpling Ω

    The Nightmare Challenge.

    So… This thing I've been hinting at is finally here… I hope you've been looking forward to it. No one in their right mind would subject themselves to such unfun torture. This challenge is focused on stupidly brutal artificial difficulty without forcing you to play by your own honor like so...
  19. Derpling Ω

    Make sure things like this don't happen in prehm.

    I once was exploring a mushroom biome in early game expert mode when I heard a click. I successfully jumped over the dart I saw coming and immediately got utterly smote by a unicorn. How did this happen? Turns out there was a unicorn statue between the pressure plate and the dart trap which...
  20. Derpling Ω

    An idea to make the Brain of Confusion more unique.

    How about rather than inflicting confusion on taking a hit, it pulls from a random pool of debuffs and inflicts it on enemies around you? This wouldn't be great, but imagine if it pulled something like betsy's curse? Obviously it couldn't do anything like Darkness or Slowed, but it would still...
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