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  1. SamTTM

    PC How to Kill the Moon Lord

    Grab a lot of any type of block, then make a large box, make it 3 blocks thick, about 50 blocks long, and 100 blocks tall. Near the top of the box make a platform bridge (at least 3 blocks away from the top of the box). Afterwards, make a house for the nurse at the bottom of the box. When the...
  2. SamTTM

    Linux Terraria on Chromebook

    IMPORTANT EDIT: Back up all files before doing this, since it deletes everything. First you put the Chromebook in dev mode by pressing esc+f3+power it will pop into recovery mode. Just press ctrl+d. It will turn of the OS Verification. Press ctrl+d again. It will boot into dev mode, and delete...
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