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  1. Greybrynn

    Mobile Bunch of bugs I’ve found

    So I have decided to make a list of bugs I have found. This first one has to do with the hotbar orientation, first off the horizontal hotbar won’t apply to shops and chests when before 1.4.3 it did apply and looked better. Also this applies to the crafting menu too. It isn’t nice looking with...
  2. Greybrynn

    Mobile Question about hotbar

    How do I toggle off the scroll thing in touch controls? Cause I can scroll through the whole entire hotbar on touch controls when before it never would and just would work normally(as in when I click it it will only select that thing and won’t scroll)
  3. Greybrynn

    Mobile [1.4.3] Chests orientation

    So I’m playing with my hot ar set as horizontal, I just went in all of my chests and noticed everything is put as if it were vertical instead. And when I deposit stuff it goes in as if it were vertical. It’s very annoying especially since it changed orientation from what I had it and I don’t...
  4. Greybrynn

    Working as Designed [Mobile] [1.4.3] Stained glass

    I don’t know if this is intended but all stained glass are the same price at still of being 5 silver per stained glass(I checked the wiki to see the prices, even more so my friend actually told me about the price change in pc which I didn’t know) I want to know if this is intended or not.
  5. Greybrynn

    Mobile [1.4.3] Mouse not detected properly

    So I have this problem where the mouse won’t properly show up as terraria’s cursor, and doesn’t act correctly as the mouse cursor. I have a video posted below as an example
  6. Greybrynn

    TCF Suggestion I have a suggestion for the status update things

    So it annoys me whenever I have to put a message in a comment because it reaches 420 characters(actually not big deal) so I thought why not increase that and at 420 characters, why not put a read more thing so it isn’t like 5,000 words long and it blocks all the others, I just think that would...
  7. Greybrynn

    PS4 Blocks won’t stack with each other on the ground

    Sorry for the loads of bug posts I didn’t have them all at once…. But when I blow stuff up with bombs it is most noticeable cause all the items don’t combine with one another so it is a huge tone of 1 block in each pile…
  8. Greybrynn

    PS4 Player 2 can’t see the traveling merchant’s wares

    Like as the title says I can’t see traveling merchant’s wares as second player
  9. Greybrynn

    PS4 Player 2 on splitscreen’s map won’t save

    So I’m playing with my little brother and I just opened my map to see where I have explored and welp no more map save data… and I explored a lot underground….
  10. Greybrynn

    PS4 Same bug with mobile on increased placement

    So In mobile and PS4 now, the increased placement ability also increased pickup range, this is a bug cause it ain’t in pc, and it annoys me so much cause I want to have increased placement range and not pickup item range too… that was what the magnet is for My mobile posts: Mobile - Placement...
  11. Greybrynn

    Mobile What boss should I fight next in skyblock?

    Just need help deciding cause I don’t know what to fight next….
  12. Greybrynn

    Mobile Give me some challenges for my already existing let’s play!

    So as the title says, give me some challenges I have to do in my FTW MM ranger only playthrough, for example, you can only use bows, or you can’t talk to npc’s(not counting the guide if I forget recipes obviously) And this lasts only for 1 episode
  13. Greybrynn

    tModLoader The Stukeadaet Mod

    The Stukeadaet Mod This mod adds a new class, the Conjuror class, by its name it conjures things using weapons and a new system of conjure mana and conjure stamina the lower you conjure stamina is the less damage and less projectiles come out. adds a subworld if it is possible, and in that...
  14. Greybrynn

    tModLoader i need help with inflicting debuff/buffs

    so umm i need help how do I make weapons and amors inflict debuffs i want both of them to inflict On Fire but for the armor as a set bonus I would appreciate the help! edit: please don't tell me to go into the example mod in github I am using that for reference i just am having problems.
  15. Greybrynn

    I’m in need of coders and spriters

    So I am going to start a mod, but I need help with it as in I need some wayyyy better spriters then I am… which I am sure a baby is 100% better then me(I’m kidding, I’m not good yet though lol) and I need coders, I don’t really have time for coding and such, but it would really help, if you are...
  16. Greybrynn

    Mobile Journey mode unreaserched items ping outline toggle

    So it gets annoying sometimes when you have an inventory and everything has a pink outline, I would love it if there could be a toggle to disabled that or just get rid of it completely. I like pc’s version better because then it doesn’t get annoying to have pink instead of the normal blue.
  17. Greybrynn

    Mobile Give me Start with weapons Ideas if you can please

    So I want to do a start with insert weapon here thing I did a stellar tune but I would like other ones, but this time I want them to be op but at a cost of something, like the coin gun, like zenith but I can’t use armor and can only reforge it to broken.
  18. Greybrynn

    Poll with a question for terraria videos

    So should I schedule times when videos could be expected to be released every week? I mean some of those videos may just be twitch streams because of how easy to publish they are, and they are pretty short. So here is a poll and if you would like to say something.
  19. Greybrynn

    Mobile Yo-Yo only expert mode

    Yes here we go… I really hope that I get more then 10 views… lol and I mean like within a week would be great to reach over 10-20 lol but enjoy!
  20. Greybrynn

    Mobile Bug with creating double items for the cost of 1 material

    So this is a very rare bug that has only happened to me once, and today my friend had this bug, where you create something and it creates 2 of that thing for the cost of 1 item’s materials, his was with a Mythril pickaxe, so it said 2(I have an image) and for me it was a furnace on my book only...
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