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  1. Malfor

    PS4 'Crafty' trophy not appearing.

    I think they are looking into it because I haven't seen any new posts on the other 2 that reported this issue it's bugged for me to and I haven't actually tried the classic mode to see if it works or not have you?
  2. Malfor


  3. Malfor

    PS4 Crafty trophy bugged

    I tried making every station I could over and regathering the ones in dungeons and what not and replacing them and it still hasn't popped up for me even left them in a treasure box made a new character grabbed them on him moved to a new world and nothing Edit: also if someone could post a list...
  4. Malfor

    PS4 Crafty trophy bugged

    Did you ever figure out what was going on with this trophy or is it actually bugged? Because Im having the same issue
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