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  1. Mushy Boi

    [World Generation] Insane World size option.

    Imagine the creation time, large worlds on mobile take ~ 30 minutes to make a large world
  2. Mushy Boi

    Can't find Lihzahrd Temple in Large World Please Help

    Check under the crimson Apparently, the crimson is really hot and instantly evaporates the water in mud when it converts it
  3. Mushy Boi

    WIP Power Equipment!

    I give this mushy support... Just a bit peeved that Destroyer isn't ranger
  4. Mushy Boi

    Sprites The River (Alternate Underworld)

    I feel like the Angler would use the Ferry Fish for unlimited seafood, but that's just me
  5. Mushy Boi

    Mushroom Slime

    YES! Reduce the slots available so the giant fungi bulb can't spawn and be a cheap :redmunch:
  6. Mushy Boi

    Save the Jungle! V2

    As someone who plays ranger, something that terrifies me is that the corruption is REALLY close to my Double Cod fishing spot. But I'd rather see that become a Double Cod AND Ebonkoi fishing spot since I can't find a corrupt fishing spot anywhere Also I think turtle armor is important to...
  7. Mushy Boi

    Sprites Making Hell a Little More Lively | Hardmode-Underworld Expansion

    I think the Flarefin Koi should drop... You know... Flarefin Koi and Obsidifish It's common sense to not fish in a place where a Hellspawn Mimic could spawn in lava, instantly activate and kill you ~:o
  8. Mushy Boi

    The Spooky Legion - Halloween Rival to the Frost Legion!

    0/10 - Mini-boss isn't called the Jack-o-Geist
  9. Mushy Boi

    The United States of Planterica has awoken!

    On the 4th of July, you go into the jungle and turn up your speakers. You open up a browser, and play the calming tune of... AMERICA :kingslime: YEAH
  10. Mushy Boi

    Sprites A Little More Love for the Ice Golem

    Goblin Summoner, Wyvern, Pirate Captin, Biome Mimics, Paladin, Dungeon Guardian: Am I a joke to you?
  11. Mushy Boi

    Audio indications of debuffs

    I have died countless times to not realizing I'm confused and jumping straight into a pit of powerful enemies My suggestion is to add sound effects that play when you get a debuff
  12. Mushy Boi

    Mobile What hard to obtain items do you have?

    It's the Light's Bane, you also need the Murmasa from the Dungeon Blessed Apple on first pixie
  13. Mushy Boi

    Mobile Make an enemy overpowered

    Take any enemy, and add a change that makes it much more difficult to defeat (not stat changes) Example: Illuminant slime's after-images turn into more illuminant slimes
  14. Mushy Boi

    True Expert Mose

    Good point
  15. Mushy Boi

    True Expert Mose

    Didn't even realize it said mose instead of mode
  16. Mushy Boi

    True Expert Mose

    You guessed it! It's a new difficulty mode. True Expert mode, other names are Master and Extreme mode.I realized while making this would be better as an item that activates the mode Compared to expert mode: Enemy HP, ATK, and DEF, coin and item drops are increased by 50% Increased enemy spawn...
  17. Mushy Boi

    Pirate Invasion Balance

    Is it really that common? Personally, I always had to go to the ocean and farm for a treasure map
  18. Mushy Boi

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    You can see the lack of a box in Chippy's first calamity series
  19. Mushy Boi

    I return with mushy support

    I return with mushy support
  20. Mushy Boi

    PC The Cultist and Umbramorphing!

    Because it totally does
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