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  1. VDragunov

    Lifesteal Options

    "[Name of Nurse] may help heal your body, but I can make you embody healing." [Proceeds to never sell any item that remotely relates to healing] — Witch Doctor. Well I want to have that quote make some sense, and since the Witch Doctor relates mostly to jungle/summoner stuff (vial of venom...
  2. VDragunov

    Farming QoL stuff

    This topic, as well as the items in question, could really use some improvement in the naming department. To some, it's practical to save your piggy bank in your safe (or your safe & defender's forge in your money through), to me, well… that sounds more of a hassle than it is actually worth...
  3. VDragunov

    Single-Target DPS Minions

    Suggestions for a more proper title are very, very welcome. So what are ST-DPS minions? Well, if you're like me, you're probably thinking straight up on the stardust dragon, which, I mean, I can't blame: That thing's a beast against bosses, but no so much against groups... Wouldn't it be neat...
  4. VDragunov

    Mobile Autopause options

    Not sure if this is on any other platform (or been suggested already), but it'd be neat to have a bit more control on when the game chooses to autopause, IE: when checking the inventory, bank, chests, npc shops, etc. It'd make shopping or checking your inventory (IE: for the sake of swapping...
  5. VDragunov

    Short Story A first-timer's trip to hell

    While making my first trip to the underworld, I felt the sudden urge to write about it, mostly because out of all the steps I had taken towards game progression, the very last one before hardmode (reaching the underworld, beating the WoF, yadda yadda) was the one I took the most preparations for...
  6. VDragunov


    I have been stalking the forums for a few days and finally mustered the courage to register, although I'm a bit dizzy with all the new content and whatnot, I felt the need to say hi! 'u'/ My name is [Data Expunged], but you may call me for my roleplaying alias: Viktor (or Toushin). I've loved...
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