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  1. Ideal

    Wavebank (NEW) Touhou Original Music Wavebank

    ...locate your Terraria install folder in Steam\steamapps\common 4. Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria\Content and replace your old Wave Bank.xwb with the new one 5. Your done! Load up the game and enjoy! Track List: All the tracks used are listed below in order 1: Night - IN...
  2. True Killer of Worlds

    I'm new here and I have something for all of you.

    ...ain't mine. (PS I couldn't find the default texture pack at all) The good news is that I am almost done with the sprites(plus I added a Wave Bank for this) and the bad news is that there's is some unwanted graphics that I need to fix including the backgrounds. So check out my previous...
  3. Mille Marteaux

    Paint Sprayer paints objects, Gizmo Pack doesn't.

    ...any vanilla game feature for any reason. Bug reports have been asked for re-testing when you're running a vanilla client with a modified Wave Bank, so reporting something like this when running on a modded client is right out. For mod debugging purposes, you generally disable all your mods...
  4. K

    Tool Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator

    >Joaqu├¡n Graell >JoaquÝn Graell\ What is it? Make your path in English only and everything should work. upd. And remove the spaces in the "Wave Bank.xwb", maybe??
  5. Onixmen

    Tool Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator

    ...Building global settings file C:\Users\JoaquÝn Graell\AppData\Local\Temp\TriggersToolsGames\QuickWaveBank\WaveBankProject.xgs Building wave bank C:\Users\JoaquÝn Graell\AppData\Local\Temp\TriggersToolsGames\QuickWaveBank\Wave Bank.xwb C:\Users\Joaqu├¡n Graell\Desktop\UT...
  6. _hitsuji418

    Dragon Quest Wave Bank - first steps & suggestions.

    ...myself to playing the Dragon Quest saga and I was amazed by the soundtrack; searching online I have observed that at no time has any Wave Bank developed with such music. With the exception of a Japanese forum (I lost the link of the thread) Of Terraria, which deals with this subject but not...
  7. JustAero

    PC I made a Pokemon wave bank^^

    Here is the link if you want to try it Pokemon Wave bank for Terraria by Aero(:red2:gote) Note: This Wave bank only has music of the gen 4 to 7 or games like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon P.S: some music are a bit loud try to moderate the volume
  8. Leinfors

    Official Looking for people with the Blizzard Crash/Freeze Issue

    If you are using a custom wave bank, then we can't consider that a valid replication of the bug. However, as mentioned prior, the most consistent working fix for this is to make sure to have a valid audio device when playing (speakers or headphones.
  9. M

    Official Looking for people with the Blizzard Crash/Freeze Issue

    ...hear a distorted noise just before the game froze. I 100% believe this to be an issue with/between the blizzard and audio. I was using a wave bank at the time, switched back to the default one, and it was fixed. One more thing, I believe there is another bug that comes along with this. When...
  10. Animus Viral

    Other Literature Animus's Lore

    Canonical Works: Most of my works are non or semicanonical because of myself, so sorry. Planeswalk End? [/SPOILER] Quality of Life [/SPOILER] Memory Repository of Phoenix. Terra, Celestial, and Heck [/SPOILER] Storytime Phantom Lore [/SPOILER] Semi Canonical Works: Endings of other RPs...
  11. Eric Matyas

    Other Art Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Awesome...glad you like them! :-) I just opened a new page of stone pixel art-style tiles. You’ll find them here: ART – Stone ART - Stone | Soundimage.org Feel free to edit as needed. I’ve also created a bunch of new ground tiles. They live here: ART – Ground ART - Ground | Soundimage.org...
  12. reggren

    Other Art Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Dude, these are flippin' amazing! Probably going to make a Terraria wave bank with the music on there.
  13. M

    Wavebank UNDERTALE Wave Bank (1.3.3)

    Finally, a wave bank that uses "Undertale"!
  14. suicidingprinny

    Wavebank Persona 3/4/5/Q Mix

    ...make SURE you back up your currant wavebank file before replacing it To install take the file downloaded and make sure it is named Wave Bank.xwb, then replace the file already named that in your terraria folder. Fair warning this post may be a bit messy as I am new to posting as well...
  15. suicidingprinny

    PC Creating a wavebank with windows 10

    I have found what i am looking for and will post it here for anyone who sees this thread looking for answers. Tool - Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator
  16. FlyKip

    Wavebank Persona 5 Wavebank

    ...there, enter the Content folder. You should have a Fonts folder, Images folder, Sounds folder, and a bunch of files. One of those should be Wave Bank.xwb - given you've never replaced it before in this version, this is the game's vanilla wavebank, and it's what you want to replace with the...
  17. darkblood159


    Hello there folks, i am Darkblood159 and i am planning on remaking this OLD WaveBank that was posted 2015 of July. I Recently have started getting back into terraria and i remembered this wavebank and it was so amazing back in the day so that is what inspired me to remaster it but i am going to...
  18. GaviGuy

    Wavebank Cave Story! (multiple versions inside)

    I present to you my second released set of wave banks, this time featuring the wonderful game Cave Story. The mix of fast-paced and atmospheric music in the soundtrack makes for excellent Terraria material. I'm releasing multiple versions, as there are multiple soundtrack versions to this game...
  19. Terkaza

    PC Pokémon BW Wave Bank

    Straight to the point, I love pokémon BW and since I have ripped my OST CD I have now made a Terraria Custom Wave Bank with those musics. Obviously, I accept suggestions because I'll be honest there are some of them I'm not sure it was the best choice but the OST isn't infinite and I got pretty...
  20. Kragtast

    tAPI [WIP][Released] Metroid Mod

    Hey, I've made my own personalized wave bank based off of the updated version by Jeffcole1, so it's functional with 1.3.4. Download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/64q5hn0xm0vld38/Wave Bank.xwb?dl=0, if you have any requests for changes i might give it a shot but no guarantees.
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